A Suburban Cowgirl


When I put this look together I thought the star of the outfit was going to be the houndstooth cap topped with a fur pompom (faux – no bunnies were harmed!)  I mean, how cute is the hat!


Houndstooth is plaid’s little cousin (they both come from Scotland) and just like plaid it is a classic that is gaining trendy momentum.  A traditional wool pattern executed in the modern sporty form of a baseball cap … topped with a pompom! My heart was singing when I found it!


But the nerd that I am, as I was looking for the best way to describe the long cardigan (it is a duster,) I wanted to know why it was called a duster.  Well, cowboys were the first ones to wear the ankle length coats to protect their chaps from the dusty trails – aha!  Hence, a duster!  (I found that info here.)


I also learned that the duster was first introduced to modern fashion on the runways of famed designers like Yves Saint Laurent and it was worn with knee-high boots  – just like the ones I’m wearing!


There might be hundreds of other ways to style these pieces but I chose to put them together  this way and I can’t even explain why.  I just have to laugh at the irony of the fashion universe!  I live in suburbia, yet surrounded by cow farms, and find myself wearing a garment linked to the very first cowboys who walked this land.  Many of them probably descendant from Scotland where plaid and houndstooth originated.  And none of them imagined their uniform would be worn by a girl with a sports cap … with a pompom!  Now did you think this outfit was going to come with a lesson of fashion anthropology?  But that’s who I am – I like to know the why’s in life, even when it comes to superficial things like clothes and fashion.


Interestingly, the brightest item in this otherwise black and white ensemble gets only an honorable mention in this post.  But I have written and talked so much about these blanket scarves I’m afraid I’ve beaten the topic to death.  You can read my post on the scarves here.


Unfortunately, the actual cap I’m wearing is currently unavailable.  Not sure why since I just got it but I have linked some similar options below.  The duster is from last year and again, I have linked some alternatives.


By the way, there’s nothing wrong with your computer’s screen.  The snow effect on my site is deliberate.  Let me know what you think in a comment below.  Keep it or ditch it?

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Faux Leather Leggings: Hue || Long sleeve tee: Target || Boots: Matisse || Scarf: Ilymix (Use STEFANA20) || Gloves: Banana Republic, similar: Nordstrom Rack || Duster, similar: Target, Target, QVC, Lord and Taylor || Houndstooth cap: Hat Attack (unavailable), similar:


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