Stefana Silber

My name is Stefana Silber and I appreciate you stopping by!


I was born and raised in Bulgaria but when I was 18 my family and I moved to the US. I lived in New York City for six years and also went to college there. I moved to Maryland when I met my husband and have been living here (about 45 minutes outside of Baltimore) ever since.


I have three kids (two boys and a girl) and for the past 10 years my primary job and responsibility has been taking care of them. As the kids have grown older I find myself with more free time on my hands. I have discovered blogging as a creative outlet for passions such as fashion, photography, home decor, and for my love of beautiful things and places.


I live in the suburbs – the most rural of suburbs you can imagine! Cow and horse farms all around and a corn field across from my house. At the same time I am still a city girl at heart and feel most at home when I’m in New York. As a fashion lover and a SAHM I often find myself all dressed up with nowhere to go. I believe in getting dressed in what makes me happy without an occasion or a place to go to.


The analytical side of me likes to find answers to the why’s in life even when it comes to style and fashion. I like to make observations on the cyclical nature of fashion and on how current styles relate to and are informed by their predecessors.


So I come here to have fun and find expression of my creative side. I hope that this blog will grow and expand to aspects of my life other than fashion. At this point, I’m taking it one step at a time and I hope you  will join me along for the ride!