Ankle Booties For Fall – Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2017

This is an at-home try on and review of three pairs of ankle booties from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale.

Fall Ankle Booties, Vince Camuto, Sam Edelman

You know that feeling when you get your online orders in the mail and can’t wait to rip all the items out of the boxes and try them on?! That’s exactly what I did with my order from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. I ordered three different (and yet similar) pairs of ankle booties. As much as I like to buy shoes in the store and try them on for fit and comfort, I didn’t really have the time to go to the store and do that this time. Ordering online with Nordstrom is easy – free shipping and returns!

I couldn’t wait to wear and compare the ankle booties and get my thoughts out to you in case you want to get any of these while they’re on sale. All three pairs are priced at $99.90 but that will last only until August 6th. After that date, the ankle booties and everything else in the sale return to their original price. For a larger selection of my Nordstrom Sale favorites, check out this post.

For this post I decided to grab my camera and take mirror selfies of the booties. I wore the exact same pair of jeans with all three pairs and the only thing I switched up was rolling the cuffs to show how the ankle booties look with that option.

Fileana Split Shaft Bootie by Vince Camuto Sale: $99.90 (After Sale: $149.95)

Split Shaft Bootie by Vince Camuto

I will admit right away that these are my favorites and I am keeping them! They also come in taupe and black suede.

I like the gray color (it has become a must have neutral for all seasons!) and the perforated detail. The side cutouts make these ankle boots a great pair to transition from summer to fall. They fit me true to size, a little snug maybe but I know the suede will loosen with wear. They are comfortable! My only negative caused by the lovely design of the side slits is that even low cut socks or liners show. These booties are designed to be worn without socks but come on! Closed shoes and no socks?! I can smell the result of that from way over here. But I really like this style so I might have to get creative. I believe I can get socks that only cover the front part of the foot. Or maybe I can find gray low cut socks and kinda tuck them in so they don’t peek out. I’m open to suggestions!

Here’s a comparison of how they look worn with ankle jeans with the cuffs down and rolled. My preference is cuffs down for this pair of ankle booties.

Francia Bootie by Vince Camuto Sale: $99.90 (After Sale: $149.95)

Vince Camuto Francia Ankle Bootie

This is my second favorite pair of ankle booties from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. Probably because they are very similar to the gray pair above (same designer) but they lack the perforated detail along the edge. These ones come in four colors: gray, black and taupe, in addition to this brick red color I got.

I got the red partly because it was unique to this pair of booties. I have also always wanted a colorful pair of ankle booties. I’m not sure this was the shade that I imagined though. It wouldn’t be bad to have around but I worry I wouldn’t get much wear out of it being such a specific color.

It’s similar to the gray pair above in the way it fits and has the exact same issue with socks peeking from those side slits. Unlike the gray pair, it is low cut in the front.

I didn’t feel the need to roll the cuffs of my jeans for this pair. The booties are so low cut that they already show a lot of skin worn with ankle jeans. However if you had jeans with a longer inseam, these booties might be perfect for that! Come to think of it, how awesome would they look with my pair of black AG Jeans! Should have snapped a pic of that!

Francia Ankle Bootie by Vince Camuto

Merton Bootie by Sam Edelman Sale: $99.90 (After Sale: $149.95)

Merton Ankle Bootie by Sam Edelman

Can you tell how this pair of ankle booties is the most different in the set. It’s also my least favorite one. It is by a different designer (Sam Edelman) and it has a different design. Can I say “different” one more time? It fits differently too. Unlike the Vince Camuto ankle booties, these ones have a loose fit. So much so, I almost feel like they will fit better if I sized down half a size.

The suede material goes higher on the ankle (no peeking socks problem). The exposed stitching around the sole give it a bit of a cowboy boot vibe. I was attracted to this pair because it comes in a “stone blue” color. I should have ordered it in that color but felt like it was too close to the gray pair above. The other colors it comes in (besides blue and beige) are black suede and brown leather.

And here’s the comparison between cuffs down and rolled. I actually like it both ways, depending on the look you want to achieve. The cuffs down option creates a seamless and more covered transition from jeans to booties without revealing any skin.

Overall, I think I will be sending these back and possibly trying them in a half size smaller and in the blue color.

Merton Ankle Bootie by Sam Edelman

And here is a side by side comparison! Which one is your favorite?


Jeans: Madwell, similar (cheaper) pair from the Nordstrom Sale

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