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My friend and I had been talking about going on a girls’ weekend getaway for some time now.  I had heard that Charleston is a great town to see and a perfect spot for a couple of girlfriends to walk around, shop, and enjoy good food and drinks.

It’s also much warmer there in winter than in Maryland so we booked a weekend to celebrate our Sagittarius birthdays.  It’s a direct flight for me on Southwest with a very affordable “Wanna Get Away” rate.

The weather in Charleston was just as promised – 70’s and sunny.  It felt like odd spring right before Christmas but I utterly enjoyed that.  I walked around in only a chambray shirt and a light sweater.

This sweater has been one of my faves this year.  (You can read more about my sweaters picks here.)  I love the fair isle theme – paired with white denim and chambray, it was perfect for a southern preppy winter.

Downtown Charleston is full of shops, restaurants and cafes.  Everything you would want to see is on or within walking distance of King Street.  Our hotel was in an alley off of King Street and we were able to get around without the need for a car.

I recommend doing a carriage tour first thing when you get there so you can get an idea of the geography of the town and decide if there are any places worth revisiting on foot.

The gorgeous southern style architecture and picturesque homes would be a perfect backdrop for a photo shoot.  Unfortunately, we ran out of time and were only able to snap a few pics from the carriage.

Where we stayed

Fulton Lane Inn – Off of King Street on Fulton Lane which is so small it’s more of an alley.  The hotel is charming but rustic – the room keys were old fashioned metal keys.  It was clean and simply decorated.  Continental style breakfast is included in the rate and delivered to your room.

Where we ate

Old Towne Grill and Seafood – Very conveniently located on King Street.  Has nice trendy atmosphere but I was surprised that the menu had many Greek cuisine items.  A Charleston style Greek Diner perhaps?

Sermets – Also on King Street.  Delicious food with nice atmosphere.  Not too casual but not stuffy either.

The Watch Rooftop – a very cool and modern vibe on the rooftop of The Restoration Hotel.  We had lunch there but I would love to go back for cocktails at night.  Beautiful views of the whole city.

Scarecrow & Co – another up and coming spot attracting a young clientele.  A few blocks further away from King Street (ok more than a few but still doable, we walked there and back even though we were tired and our feet were hurting).  It’s one of those places with small farm to table menus and lumber sexual waiters dressed in flannel shirts.  Their specialty is grilled and smoked meats.  We had duck and chicken pates and pork belly.  Yum!

Hyman’s Seafood – We couldn’t leave Charleston without tasting the food the south is famous for – shrimp and grits.

I tried the traditional recipe as well as the Carolina version in which the grits are fried.  I will let you guess which one I liked more.  I also had gumbo and boiled peanuts.  I’ve had gumbo before and always like it but I have to say boiled peanuts taste exactly as they sound – soft and wet.  I will pass next time.

What we did 

Palmetto Carriage – there are five carriage tour operators in Charleston.  I believe Palmetto is the oldest and probably most established.  You can buy tickets online or at one of their kiosks around town.  I highly recommend doing the tour and learning about the history of Charleston, albeit an abridged version, mostly sanitized from the unsavory past of this town as it relates to slavery.

“A drinking town with a historic problem.” Andrew, Palmetto Carriage Tour Operator

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