Classic LBD

A Little Black Dress is always a good idea!  And this iteration for me is the epitome of a classic LBD!

I love the dupioni silk-like material!  The slub fabric gives the simple design dimension and shine without being too flashy.  The added details of the bow at the waist, the pleats and the open double skirt has made this dress a favorite of mine for more than one occasion.  I plan to keep it in my closet for a long time because it’s a classic which will not look dated in a couple of years.

Comfort is a major feature to this dress.  The back is cut low but not too low to prevent wearing a regular bra (and you can see mine peeking there a bit, just to prove I’m not perfect!)  But if I have to be honest, I wear this dress with a strapless bra – I don’t want to worry about that strap slipping.

I think the neckline is my favorite part because it reminds me of the dress Audrey Hepburn wore in the famous scene of Breakfast at Tiffany’s.

I opted to style the dress with minimal jewelry but I have worn it with a statement necklace the way Audrey did in the movie.  Instead I channeled the icon with a pair of sunglasses and a coat.

Can we talk about the fact that this beauty has pockets! Hello! What girl doesn’t like pockets on a dress or a skirt!  And please don’t get mad at me but I got this dress last year and I couldn’t find the exact one to link for you here.  I found others by the same designer that are very similar and have one or more of these elements.

I paired the dress with a white coat – a classic combination which makes the look more wintry.  But I can also envision it styled with a red coat which will be just perfect for a Christmas party.  I like wearing a simple strappy sandal with this dress to avoid overcomplicating the look with an elaborate heel.


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  1. Ivana Stefanoff says:

    Beautiful! Like the look.