Classic Trench Coat

Have you noticed that fashion bloggers never actually wear their coats? They just drape them over their shoulders like a cape. And nothing gives me the super hero feeling more than a classic trench coat.  I feel like a CEO, a PI, and a CIA agent all at once (did I forget any other powerful acronyms, FBI maybe?)

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Trench Coat: London Fog || Top: Target || Jeans: LOFT || Boots: Matisse || Bracelet: Boho Betty (Use STEFANA20 to save 20%)

I am all for feeling empowered, confident and commanding attention in any way you can get it, even if it comes from a piece of clothing.  For some it may be – “eyes on me in the board room,” for me it was “eyes on me in Starbucks – get my coffee order right!” What can I say – I’m living the life of a SAH mom-turned-blogger! (Another acronym!)

A good quality trench should last for years and one day I would love to splurge on a classic Burberry coat but for right now, and I’m sure for most of you, a good lookalike will have to do.  As you can see below, the one I’m wearing is a dead ringer for the iconic brand:

I liked the feeling of empowerment when I was wearing this trench coat and I can guarantee that you will keep seeing it on me styled in different ways. Which reminds me of the other visual association I have for the classic trench coat – England and London specifically, hint, hint!

I chose to go with a little more laid back and casual look this time with the over the knee boots but if you’re styling this for a more conservative environment, I’d go with pumps to give it that business and office appropriate feel.

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Trench Coat: London Fog || Top: Target || Jeans: LOFT || Boots: Matisse || Bracelet: Boho Betty (Use STEFANA20 to save 20%)

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