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We’re in the first month of the New Year which means that for most people their resolutions are still on the forefront of their minds. For most those resolutions involve getting healthy, fit, or losing weight.


 As I stand in the snow in my cozy cocoon of thick sweater, coat, jeans and boots, I think about the impending spring and summer months and having to shed those layers.  I must admit, I slacked off at the gym and enjoyed good food and drinks during the holidays. I definitely want to feel good in my own skin but I’m also glad that now I know that it doesn’t take having a perfect body to feel that way.

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Coat: Anne Klein || Jeans: American Eagle || Sweater: Michael Kors || Boots: Sorel  || Gloves: Banana Republic (similar: here) || Scarf and Hat: Ilymix (Use STEFANA20 to save 20%)


There was a time when I was in the pursuit of perfection instead of recognizing that I was pretty damn near it or as close as I could ever be.  I used to be inspired by marvelous specimen of the human body – both male and female.  I used to say to myself – if I work hard and follow this or that nutritional regimen I will achieve the same results.  Well, it’s neither that easy, nor that simple to replicate someone else’s results. And those that tell you otherwise are probably trying to sell you something.  But I’m not here to be those people’s critic – it is beyond the scope of this blog. I want to challenge you (and myself) to find inspiration elsewhere! I am now inspired by women who look happy and confident in the body they have despite their flaws, not by women with chiseled abs and a thigh gap.  I am impressed by regular women occupying the space and performing the roles formerly reserved for goddess-like creatures with unattainable  figures.

Don’t get me wrong! I’m not condoning complacency and surrender to an unhealthy lifestyle whose outward manifestation is a sluggish and overweight body. What I am saying is that I will continue to go to the gym and eat sensibly but I will not let that aspect of my life be the sole focus of my daily existence.  As exhilarating as it is to see the results of a change in lifestyle, the flip side of it is thinking that it’s not good enough. Trying to achieve more and more, all the while living in misery and not enjoying the goals that have already been conquered.  Not to mention that extreme effort can end up backfiring with the pendulum swinging even further back from where it started.

The topic of self love, confidence and body positivity has been covered by many before me and along side me.  I can guarantee that it will probably come up again on this blog as it is something that I frequently think about as I make my way through life.  As I take note of a changing and aging body, I try to come to terms with the aspects of life that are outside of my control.  I do what’s right, come what may!

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Coat: Anne Klein || Jeans: American Eagle || Sweater: Michael Kors || Boots: Sorel  || Gloves: Banana Republic (similar: here) || Scarf and Hat: Ilymix (Use STEFANA20 to save 20%)




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4 responses to “Do What’s Right, Come What May – Sorel Boots”

  1. Courtney Marmen says:

    I love the content and your inner outer beauty! The first photo is spectacular and I love those boots-warmth, comfort and style!

    • Stefana says:

      Thank you so much Courtney! I really appreciate all your support and encouragement!

  2. Michelle Moore says:

    Great message and, of course, I love the boots! Thank you! See you in yoga, Namaste