Fair Isle Sweater to Fight the Winter Blues

Fair Isle Sweater

Christmas is over and soon the new year will be here.  On the flip side of the excitement and anticipation of the holidays are the two or three months of winter still remaining.
No more parties with fun dresses, no more cocktails and yummy food, no more presents.  What we have to look forward to is a return to the gym, renewed commitment to a healthy lifestyle and a countdown to swimsuit season.  I don’t know about you but all of the above doesn’t really do much to cheer me up. So here are some things I like to do or think about to beat those winter blues:

Fair Isle Sweater

1.Shop the after Christmas sales for winter clothes and boots.

Retailers are currently clearing their racks of their winter collections. Now is the time to shop for those items that are still missing from your winter wardrobe.  Or stock up for next year.  Come January, the sweaters, coats and boots will be replaced with resort wear – swimsuits, sun dresses and sandals.  Another reminder to hit that gym!

Sorel Joan of Arctic Boots

2.Buy yourself a new pair of sneakers and some workout clothes.

Maybe it’s no surprise but nothing motivates me more to go to the gym than new Lululemon leggings and workout tops.  I must admit that lately I’ve had some real and not so real excuses for why I couldn’t show up for a workout.  As I finished typing this, I went online and ordered pair of leggings.  See me at the gym in the new year!

Fair Isle Sweater

3.Hope for a snow storm.

I’m not crazy! All I need is one good one to close the schools and let us stay home in pajamas watching the snow cover everything outside. And the next day, we go sledding and playing in the snow.  In honor of that I wear my snow boots and stock up on hot chocolate and marshmallows.

Fair Isle Sweater

4.Clear out your house.

Notice, I didn’t say clean – that wouldn’t be something I’d get excited about.  I’m talking about removing all the Christmas decorations, putting away all the stuff that’s lying around and getting your house decluttered and ready for spring cleaning.  I never said the cleaning part wasn’t going to happen, just not now.  I like decluttering my surroundings because it allows me to clear my mind, relax and organize myself.

Fair Isle Sweater

5.Plan your spring break or summer vacation.

And if you’re lucky, maybe both – I’m jealous!  This is the thing to look forward to and count down to! (Try to block out the whole part about a swim suit ready body!)

And a brief word about my outfit.  I can’t get enough of the fair isle sweater trend this season.  I like that it’s a traditional preppy style with a modern twist.  I like the bright yellow elements in this particular one.  The green color in it coordinates perfectly with these skinny cargo pants I got last year.  And as I mentioned above, I’m wearing my new Sorel Joan of Arctic snow boots and keeping my fingers crossed I will get to use them in a nice fluffy snow storm soon! This scarf is the newest addition to my ubiquitous collection.  My husband asked me if it was cashmere (it’s not but feels like it!) It’s priced right and it’s in a neutral color that can be paired with anything!

Fair Isle Sweater

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Sweater: Target || Pants: LOFT || Boots: Sorel || Scarf: Ilymix (use STEFANA20 to save 20%)

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