Fashion Blogger Pictures – Behind The Scenes

Express Cable Knit Chenille Sweater, Levi's 501, Gucci Belt

Have you ever wondered what’s involved in taking fashion blogger pictures? What did I have to do to get this outfit picture? I hope by now you are aware that these are not just candid shots that were taken the day they were posted. There is a lot of forethought, prep, and work that goes into this. It’s a process and I am going to take you behind the scenes and walk you through it step by step.


Express Cable Knit Chenille Sweater, Levi's 501, Gucci Belt

Step One: Get inspiration

This can happen in many ways. Most often I get inspired by browsing through the Instagram pictures of fellow bloggers. Other times, I get an email with new items from a favorite retailer of mine. Or maybe I have a need for a specific item that’s missing from my wardrobe. I find that’s mostly the case when it comes to shoes. Because I look at fashion and style pictures all the time, I also quickly identify a growing trend and if it’s something I’m willing to embrace, I jump on it.


Oversized cable knit sweaters have been all over the interwebs ever since the temps dropped. This one I have on is from Express and it comes in six colors. I chose the fern green color but I might also get the ivory one. It’s so easy to throw on and wear during the day. It’s soft and cozy but I have to be honest and tell you what bugs me about it. It sheds a lot of lint (hopefully that will stop eventually) and it is hand wash only. Ugh!


Express Cable Knit Chenille Sweater, Levi's 501, Gucci Belt

Step Two: Build an outfit around this item

It is very rare that I go out and get an entire brand new outfit. Most often the focus is on one new piece and then I build the outfit around it with items I already have. At first I picture the whole thing in my head but then I pull the items and throw them on my bed to see if I like them together. I add shoes, accessories, lipstick and jewelry.


I paired the relaxed sweater with my new favorite belt and a pair of classic Levi’s. There’s something 90’s grunge about this look that dictated my choices. The other outfit will be coming on the blog soon!


Step Three: Day and time of photo shoot

As you know, my husband is my photographer so we’re limited by his availability – usually weekends – and by the fact that we have our 5 year old daughter with us – all.the.time! Our boys are old enough to stay at home but Juliet isn’t. So she tags along. She sits in the car (always parked near us) and plays on Russ’s phone or runs around us as we take the pictures. I have so many outtakes with her getting in the shots! It can be fun but it slows us down tremendously.

Step Four: Pick a location

Sometimes the location depends on the mood I try to portray with the outfit. But our options are limited because we look for places that are not too busy with people and cars. I like to go to the Main Street area in our town, the back alleys, in front of historic or simply pretty houses. There’s a community college five minutes from our house and probably 90% of my pictures are taken there. It’s quiet and empty there on Sunday afternoons. There are a lot of modern glass and concrete buildings that I like to use as a background. I try to avoid too much greenery in my shots. (Trying too hard to pretend I live in a city, haha!)


Express Cable Knit Chenille Sweater, Levi's 501, Gucci Belt, Gucci Marmont Bag, Louis Vuitton Neverfull

I throw all my outfits on the bed. I wear one and pack the rest to change in the car.

Step Five: Repeat!

Since we only have maybe one day a week to do this, we try to get multiple outfits done in the same day. Most bloggers do that. We do the outfit pictures in one day and spend the rest of the week editing photos, writing posts, planning, sharing on social media, etc. I usually shoot two, three outfits at a time at the most. I find that even if we didn’t have Juliet with us and had unlimited time, I just get tired by the end of the third outfit. Where do I change into these outfits? In the car! I am not sure how many people I have flashed as I’ve changed my top in the back seat – hopefully not too many. Thank goodness for tinted windows! It’s uncomfortable and, in the summertime, sweaty!

Step Six: Take the shots

My husband is my photographer and lets just say that when we first started he didn’t even know how to hold the camera or which button to press. He has improved greatly and knows exactly what I need as far as framing the shot. But I am still the one who adjusts the settings. So there’s a lot of back and forth that happens during the session. Sometimes we struggle with the elements – it’s too cold, too sunny, not enough light. In winter the sun goes down so early and sometimes it’s too cloudy to produce the quality pictures that I can be happy with. In summer we deal with the bright sun which is also not good for pictures. The quality of my pictures is probably more important to me than the style of my outfit.


Posing for the pictures is my least favorite aspect of blogging. What I do like and enjoy is that Russ is a part of this process and that we work on it together. We’ve been doing this for over a year and not once has he expressed annoyance at the prospect of having to do this for me! A total keeper!


Express Cable Knit Chenille Sweater, Levi's 501, Gucci Belt


Sweater: Express || Jeans: Levi’s || Booties: old, similarsimilar and similar || Belt: Gucci || Juliet’s Jacket: Uniqlo || Juliet’s shoes: Livie and Luca




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