Fashion Trends – What I’m Loving Now

I have always enjoyed noticing the upward trending curve of a new fashion style. I like catching that waive and riding it until it crests. But once I feel like the style has been overly saturated and I start seeing it everywhere, I lose interest. I go from recognizing new fashion trends and being excited about them, to being sick and tired of seeing them all the time.

Part of my blogging job is to think about and try to guess what the next fashion trends are going to be. If they will stick around for a while or get old really fast and ultimately if I should invest in them. I also like to look back and analyze past trends and I thought it would be fun to do a little overview of the styles I no longer care for but gladly took part in. They are all still going strong and you might be seeing them all around you but I personally am done with them.


Wrap Front Bow Blouse, Fashion Trends 2017

Oversized bubble or balloon sleeves: This one for me is like this cool song you hear and you’re head over heels in love with it. But then the radio plays it five times a day, every day and you just fall out of love with it. That’s exactly how I feel about this wrap bow shirt.

Gingham, Fashion Trends 2017

Gingham: The top I wore above is guilty of both being gingham and having balloon sleeves. I feel a little ambivalent about gingham. I think I am done with this particular version of it, however I still seem to like it in other colors and sizes. Especially yellow and red. The jury is still out on gingham.

Embroidered Jeans, Fashion Trends 2017

Embroidered Jeans: Ok, not many people came on board with me when I put these on. My husband accused me of channeling a country singer. Part of what I loved about this embellishment was that it was boundary pushing and rebellious. But not any more, because those suckers are now in every store. My infatuation has ended.

Velvet Wrap Dress, Fashion Trends 2017

Velvet: Maybe I grew cold towards this fabric because the temperatures got warm. Maybe it’s a seasonal thing and my love for it will come back when the leaves start falling and the air outside gets nippy. For now, this dress is hanging way back in my closet. (As I side note, it is in the very current kimono wrap style!)

Loafer Mules, Fashion Trends 2017

Loafer Mules: I knew these would be a fleeting trend even as I was buying them. This style was made insanely popular by Gucci and their Princetown Loafer. It has an undeniable old Englishman charm and the ease and comfort of a house slipper. It’s very hard for me to reach for a closed toe shoe in the summer months. I must not be alone in feeling this way. I have noticed the style being pushed aside in favor of an open toe slide. The slides with a higher stacked heel are my favorites.

And now a look ahead at the fashion trends I am excited about for the near future:


The color yellow (especially in shoes): I already talked about the emerging power of yellow in this post but I really like this color on the shoes below.

Yellow and Navy Nautical, Fashion Trends 2017



Palm prints: This is gaining great momentum. I plan to get something but not make a huge investment. The seasonal nature and bold statement of this trend will cause it to crash and burn by the end of the summer.



Kimono Dresses: I already showed you my favorite one and I still love seeing and wearing this wrap style floral print dress.

Kimono Floral Maxi Dress, Fashion Trends 2017

Matching two piece sets: this style is like a deconstructed┬ádress or romper/jumpsuit. I think it’s very clever and I would love to try it!


Bodysuits: of course this 90’s trend would make a comeback! I remember desperately wanting one when I was little. My mom’s argument against it being that it was impossible to use the bathroom when your wear one. I guess she hadn’t heard that they come with snap buttons on the bottom to facilitate bathroom breaks. Nowadays I just love the seamless tucked in look with no fear of the top coming out or the bottoms sliding down and revealing too much.


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