Faux Leather Pants


Did that title say Faux Leather Pants? But if you read my previous post, you know that I don’t like to buy shoes or clothes made of faux materials.  Well, I don’t if there’s a reasonably priced and good quality “real material” alternative.  When it comes to pants though, if you want the real deal, you’re gonna be dropping upwards of $500.  And honestly, I’m not willing to do that.  I’m not a rocker! For me this is just a cute temporary trend.  So I decided to break my rule and go for the faux version.


I think these pants by Hue are just perfect! They look great, they’re comfortable (they have a soft stretchy lining) and they were a great price.  They also come in a burgundy (sangria) color and I think I will be getting that too!


I have to admit it was a little outside of my comfort zone to wear these skin tight flashy pants so I paired them with their polar opposite – a chunky waffle knit white sweater that covers my bum! The sweater was a great find too – it’s by Michaels Kors and I got it in TJMaxx (yay!)  I’ve linked a very similar version here.


And, girl! Can we just talk about these shoes!!! I looove a great heel and if I was a corporate girl, you know I’d be rocking Louboutins and Choos and Valentinos on a daily basis.  Unfortunately, the lifestyle of a SAHM is not conducive to that kind of shoe.  Between the school bus, gym, and preschool I hardly have the opportunity to wear a nice stiletto.  I’m just laughing as I type right now, trying to picture myself running around town in Valentino rockstuds! Wait, I actually did that for this shoot!


Well, yes rockstuds, but not quite Valentinos.  These are the greatest dupe that you will find! And I am ok with settling for the dupes right now until I land that corporate job ha ha! They are by BCBGeneration and come in a number of colors.  I found mine at DSW.


But back to the pants! You can totally dress them a notch down by sticking with the big chunky sweater and just switching the shoes with either tall boots, or low heel booties.  It gives you a less glam, more school-pick-up-line appropriate look.  I promise to give it a whirl next time and will update you.


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Faux Leather Pants: Hue || Sweater: Michael Kors || Shoes: BCBGeneration




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  1. Courtney Marmen says:

    You are rocking this outfit for sure!!