Golden Globes 2017

Jessica Biel

It is the Monday after the Golden Globes and I feel compelled to write a post about the fashions of last night.  This is a fashion blog after all!

I do not however pertain to be an expert on haute couture but I will give you my impressions from the red carpet as if we were sitting next to each other on the couch like girlfriends (haha!) All images are from E!Online.

I definitely saw some trends as well as some outliers that didn’t fit into any mold.

Here are the trends:

Plunging necklines.  All the way down to the belly button, and some plunged on the side too revealing a not so attractive side boob view (looking at you Jessica Biel!)

Shimmering Sequins.  Maybe it’s not unusual to want to sparkle and shine on the red carpet but I thought we were done with that after New Year’s Eve.  Well, lesson learned – next time I won’t chuck my sequin dress on January 1st just in case I get invited to the Golden Globes.

Floral Applique.  A little romantic, a little country, somewhat innocent (except for you again Jessica Biel!) roses and flowers were flocking quite a few of the gowns last night.

Black, white, and silver. I love Michelle Williams’ nod to the everyday trend of a bow tie choker. Emma Stone’s gown is more of a blush color but she had two trends – silver stars and a plunging neckline. Same with Drew Barrymore!

Shades of gold and yellow.  I liked seeing these bright colors in a sea of white, black and silver (see above and bellow).  Natalie Portman’s dress was especially interesting with its simplicity and its color.  It reads yellow in this picture but on my tv screen it had a more green undertone. I guess mustard will describe it best.

Black, white and tux.  I have to say Mandy Moore’s all black, plunging neckline, caped gown was one of my favorites.  I’m still deciding on Sienna Miller’s – I like its simplicity but it reminds me too much of the dress from Pretty Woman. And an honorable mention to the tux-clad ladies (Octavia Spencer and Evan Rachel Wood) – not gowns but definitely made a statement.

My Favorites.  In no particular order, these are the dresses that impressed me the most. The yellow sequin gown on Viola Davis was simple and stunning! Not sure if it was the dress or the lady that wore it that made me take notice.  You’re probably surprised to see Jessica Biel in my top picks. Despite the plunging neckline becoming too much of a side show (wink, wink!), the full skirt, long slit and floral appliqué were all winners in my book.  Mandy Moore’s black caped gown is a beautiful classic. Carrie Underwood’s pink rosette, bare back and side slits dress was just the opposite but very impressive nonetheless!

But if I had to pick just one favorite I’d have to go with Carrie Underwood’s pink rosette gown, because of its originality.

Carrie Underwood

The worst at last. I hate having to be negative but it’s customary for this type of review.  With my deepest regrets and apologies – Nicole Kidman’s gown was a hot mess. And I’ll leave it at that.

Nicole Kidman

I wrote this as I watching the Golden Globes and before seeing any of the expert opinions on what was good, bad, and ugly.  I’m curious to see how my picks will compare to those of the professionals.







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  1. Jean Exum says:

    Love it! Great review

    • Stefana says:

      Glad you liked it Jean! Thanks for reading and for your comment!