Leopard Pumps – Is “Elevated Casual” A Thing?

I was just listening to a successful blogger talk about how to grow an Instagram following. She said in the beginning it was slow for her but she experienced the biggest growth when she started being true to herself. She said she used to run to the city to take pictures with dresses and heels but that was not who she really was. Once she started showing who she was on a daily basis – a mom in leggings and jeans – she started to gain more followers.


I really struggle with this. Not with the idea – I get it and it makes sense. My problem is that who I really am, is an overdressed, heel and dress wearing person, trapped in the life of a SAHM. Also, my idea of casual is probably still a notch or two above most people’s. Maybe I will introduce the concept of elevated casual. I am literally brainstorming as I’m writing this. Jeans and a sweater, or a jacket, is casual. But throw on a nice belt and leopard pumps, it becomes elevated.


I get it! We all like to play dress up but it’s not realistic to acquire and hold onto pieces that don’t fit into our lifestyle. Especially on a limited budget. Why have fancy shoes and dresses when your life of a SAHM is not conducive to that wardrobe? It’s like owning a boat when you don’t live near water. But what if you are a sailor at heart? Do you then move so you can own that boat and enjoy it? It seems like I gave you more questions than answers here but I am looking for the answers myself.

I wore this outfit to the first day of New York Fashion Week this September. For me, this is a casual outfit. Ok, elevated casual because of the leopard pumps. Also unrealistic because the pumps gave me blisters. However, they are the most comfortable pumps I’ve ever worn (they have a cushioned footbed)! However, I thought I could wear them like sneakers and traverse the city in them all day. I learned my lesson! Still, I highly recommend them! Just please do like Melanie Griffith in Working Girl and commute in sneakers!


My jacket is from last year but it’s a perennial on the Nordstrom website. It was a part of their semi annual sale and is a fashion blogger favorite. A suede moto jacket gives an outfit an immediate edge. I love it over a camisole before the temperatures dip too low for that masculine-feminine juxtaposition.


And looking at the white jeans I chose for this outfit (I was going for the neutral tones look) I realize that they are probably my most worn jeans. It’s ironic because there was a time when white jeans were limited to only one or two seasons of the year. I already talked about how outdated that view is here. Please, don’t be that person, get with the program!

Photos by Tiffani at Breton Bay.


Jacket: BlankNYC || Cami: Target || Jeans: Loft || Shoes: Michael Kors || Belt: Gucci











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2 responses to “Leopard Pumps – Is “Elevated Casual” A Thing?”

  1. Jean says:

    I feel you! I’m trying to find myself while evolving and it’s tricky to process much less share with everyone. I love this elevated casual- keep it up!

    • Stefana says:

      Thanks Jean! It’s a process I suppose, we have to keep evolving!