LOFT 2017 Spring Styles – Fitting Room Try On


I had a bit of time today so I did some shopping and checked out the new LOFT 2017 Spring Styles available at my local store. I had my little side kick and shopping buddy with me. You can see her posing in some of the photos.

LOFT 2017 Spring Styles

The LOFT have dubbed this release “Flower Power” and you can see why! There is definitely a floral theme there on navy background. The vine prints are a sight for sore eyes! Spring can’t come soon enough!

Let’s dive right into my reviews:

Riviera Shorts and Lace Yoke Flutter Shell

LOFT 2017 Spring Styles

This is by far my favorite look and it is what the LOFT does best. Floral shorts and a feminine top was my uniform last summer.  The Riviera Shorts with a 4″ inseam are a reliable fit for me. This print is very cute and the yellow color (marigold) is much better in person. For some reason, it shows too bright and electric in the photo. In real life it is closer to the color of my daughter’s pants.

I loved the Lace Yoke Flutter Shell. It’s a simple top with the added feminine details of the lace and ruffle. I also think the shirttail hem is very flattering. If it came in more colors, I would buy them all. Unfortunately, as of now it is only available in navy.

Circle Lace Off the Shoulder Dress

LOFT 2017 Spring Styles

As much as the contrast of the white lace against navy drew me in, the Circle Lace Off the Shoulder Dress was a disappointment. The lace fold wouldn’t lay flat. And even after all the careful adjustment, it would come undone and stick up again. I can’t imagine fussing with it all day! The lace up sleeves were cute but they were tight and scratchy on my arms. The body of the dress (100% rayon) felt flimsy and made it look more like a beach cover up than a regular dress. So that’s my verdict – I wouldn’t wear it as anything other than a cover up.

Cold Shoulder Sweater and Vine Fluid Trousers

LOFT 2017 Spring Styles

This was probably the worst outfit. Sorry guys! I guess this goes to show that when you grab a bunch of items to try in the fitting room, only a handful are winners. The Cold Shoulder Sweater was horrible for me. Maybe it was too big (this is a size Medium), definitely the wrong color for my skin tone and it would require a strapless bra (I try to avoid that).  The sweater and Vine Fluid Trousers pairing made my daughter exclaim – “Are you wearing pajamas!” That’s all I need to put the outfit back!

 Cold Shoulder Sweater and Full Bloom Trousers

LOFT 2017 Spring Styles

The print on these Full Bloom Trousers was more appealing to me than the Vine Fluid but I was still not sold. For me the combination of a wide leg with the floral print is too reminiscent of lounge wear.

Vine Ruffle Shirtdress

LOFT 2017 Spring Styles

I loved this Vine Ruffle Shirtdress! The print lookss much better on the dress than on the wide leg pants. The different color tie belt gives it visual interest and the fit and length was perfect for me (wearing Medium again). My only complaint was that the fabric (100% polyester) was very staticky and sticking to my legs.


Even though I’m attracted to the bright colors and pretty flowers on the clothes, I find that the floral prints are a bit repetitive and predictable. I’m pretty sure I can identify one of the LOFT items just by the print. The flowers are very specific as if done by one artist in one collection. This was probably a conscious decision for the brand. I love their shorts and will probably get a few pairs for summer. I am looking forward to the new colors and ways the LOFT will incorporate the familiar floral motif.



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