Madewell Magic Jeans – Amazing Fit and Feel

Madewell Magic Jeans, Soludos Espadrilles, Louis Vuitton Neverfull, Quay High Key SunglassesYou know that feeling when you get a new pair of jeans just to wear them for a few hours and discover that the amazing fit is gone! They get baggy and loose around the waist, knees and bum. What’s great about the modern denim technology is also its downfall. Jeans are made to be stretchy, soft and comfortable. Not like the stiff, rigid denim of the past. But those Lycra and elastane fibers that make jeans comfortable also cause them to lose their shape. 

Madewell Magic Jeans, Soludos Espadrilles, Louis Vuitton Neverfull, Quay High Key Sunglasses

I have been on the hunt for good jeans for years. The purpose of this post is to let you know that I think I found them … for now. The pair that I have discovered and fallen in love with is the Madewell Magic Jeans.


Madewell call their jeans magic and I have to agree. The pair I have on is simply A.MAZING!!! Not only are they slimming and flattering but they feel like leggings! I can lounge around the house in them all day – and I have! You could do a split in these jeans if that was part of your repertoire – that’s how soft and stretchy the Madewell Magic Jeans are.


And the best part is, they don’t get baggy and don’t slide down (for the most part). To quote their website directly: “The 9″ rise has a supersleek effect, thanks to a tricky detail—Magic Pockets in front that offer an extra layer of holds-you-in sorcery for the slimmest, smoothest look yet (plus, a touch of added stretch ensures you’re still totally comfortable).”


The fiber content boasts “Premium 88% cotton/8% poly/4% elastane denim made using ISKO Reform™ XP technology (aka the stretchiest denim we’ve ever used).” Not sure what that special trademark technology is, but whatever they’re selling, I’m buying!


* Sizing is true to size but if you’re getting the Madewell Magic Jeans in the 10 inch rise, size down.

* Madewell Jeans are now also available through Nordstrom and J.Crew. You can use those retailers’ rewards points or coupons to score a discount. sends 20% off coupons fairly frequently so sign up for their email updates.

* Madewell participates in a denim recycling program. If you bring your old pair of jeans (any brand) to the store, you get $20 toward a new pair.




Do not dry your jeans in the dryer! I have come to believe that the heat of the dryer alters the elastic fibers of the jeans and causes the jeans to feel less soft and stretchy. I don’t have any scientific proof, just my anecdotal evidence. To be safe, I try to get a few wears out of my jeans before I wash them and I lay them flat to dry.

Madewell Magic Jeans, Soludos Espadrilles, Louis Vuitton Neverfull, Quay High Key Sunglasses


Jeans: Madewell || Tee: Target, similar || Shoes: Soludos || Sunglasses: Quay Australia








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