Mary Poppins Version 2.0

I didn’t intend to include an umbrella in this photo shoot but sometimes it rains when you’re supposed to be taking blog pictures so I just rolled with it.

The umbrella greatly contributes to the Mary Poppins association but what really makes the look is this mid length skirt.  I remember distinctly when I was a little girl hearing my mom say, I hate mid length skirts! For some reason, that has stuck with me and I have avoided them like the plague.

Maybe they were never in fashion in my adult life but I have followed this rule when it comes to skirt length – either above the knee or maxi.  Never in between! When I got this skirt I had to bring it in to fit me at the waist and I seriously considered hemming it to an above or at the knee length. I’m glad I didn’t because now I really love the unique look it has and it turns out that length is actually in style currently.

Unfortunately, this particular skirt is no longer available but there are plenty of other pleated mid length options that I have listed for you below.

This outfit is also an example of recycling pieces I already had in my wardrobe and creating a whole new look with them. I wore the skirt with this pretty yellow blouse here.  And the off the shoulder sweater was part of a jeans and boots outfit here.  The sweater is also sold out but Nordstrom is currently having a sweater promotion and I have linked some similar ones for you at great prices.

NORDSTROM - Shop Womens Sweaters up to 40% off


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  1. Ivana Stefanoff says:

    I think the umbrella was a perfect accessory to your outfit. Perfect pictures ! 👍👍👍