Matching Plaid Pajamas – Holiday Cards 2017

Matching Plaid Pajamas

Kids’ Holiday Plaid 2pc Pajama Set   Girls’ Long Sleeve Plaid Nightgown   Kids’ Plaid Moccasin Slippers


This year I decided to have a little fun with the pictures for our holiday cards. I have been the photographer for the cards in the past few years but it’s getting harder and harder to get the kids to cooperate for the photo session. It is so stressful that I didn’t want to do cards at all this year.


In fact, I had decided to just not do them. The kids are getting older and the number of cards we get keep dwindling each year. I am also a proponent of embracing a more modern way of spreading holiday cheer. Getting a card in the mail is an old ritual that has stuck around even as we let go of other forms of snail mail in favor of electronic correspondence. But the few cards started to come in the mail and I felt bad. I started to regret my decision to forgo this yearly ritual but I also ran out of time to get the pictures done, printed and mailed in time.


I got the idea of doing the pics at the house by casually walking by a display at Target and noticing these adorable matching plaid pajamas and slippers for everyone in the family. From mom and dad, down to the dog and the doll!


Since I am the photographer, this was going to be a kids (and a doll) only photo session. My present for my hubby was not only sparing him from having to don matching pajamas and pose but I also did all this while he was out of the house. He avoided all the stress and yelling. You know how it goes, look at mommy, don’t make that face, get in closer, don’t hit your brother … I am not gonna say it wasn’t stressful as these things always are. But I also let the kids have fun. They jumped around on my bed (it’s off limits to them usually), they made funny faces and rolled around laughing at their own silliness. See the outtakes below.


I love getting cards in the mail from friends and family and seeing the kids’ smiling faces. At the end of each year, we like to forget the hardship through the months and only remember the good times. We want to share the love we have for our families, the growth of our children, the pride of our accomplishments. Another year in the books. At the same time, the cards go to a limited number of people. It takes time and it’s not cheap. So I may have to start a new tradition for our family (as I have seen other people do) – opt for an electronic version of the holiday card. So that all of those good emotions can be shared to even more friends and family, near and far, and overseas.


I realize that seeing a picture on the screen is not the same as getting a paper card in the mail. I might still end up sending a handful of paper ones. Only time will tell which way this tradition will go for us.


Scroll down for funny outtakes and links for the pajamas.


Matching Plaid Pajamas

Matching Plaid Pajamas

Matching Plaid Pajamas

Matching Plaid Pajamas

Matching Plaid Pajamas


Kids’ Holiday Plaid 2pc Pajama Set

Girls’ Long Sleeve Plaid Nightgown

Kids’ Plaid Moccasin Slippers


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  1. Ivana Stefanoff says:

    They are adorable! So cute! 😘

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