New Year Blogger Resolutions

It is the second day of the new year and it’s a time when most other bloggers take a look back at the year that passed and review their progress and accomplishments.

I just started this blog at the end of last year and there isn’t much to look back on.  All I can do is look ahead and envision what this coming year might bring for me and my little blogging venture.  Every aspect of this has been new to me but I am paying attention and learning as I go.

Maybe after my first year I will have clear expectations but for now I can’t really set concrete goals for myself because I have no frame of reference. However, here are some of my  hopes and intentions for my blog this year:

  • Just as I intended when I started out, I will continue to do this because I enjoy it.  I love fashion and I love photography!  I am aware of my commitment and responsibility towards my readers and so far delivering on it has been pleasant and enjoyable.  If there ever comes a time when blogging turns into a chore, I will know it’s time for a change.  I hope this doesn’t happen this coming year!

  • I want to become better at the photography aspect and hope that my husband will want to learn with me so that our photography will improve.  The fact that I do this with him is an added bonus – it’s our little weekend hobby and we share in the excitement about it.  I hope he doesn’t lose interest and continues to encourage me because I do rely on his support.

  • It sounds so cliche to say that I want to stay focused on being true to myself.  But before I do that, I want to have a more clear idea of what my true self is, of what my brand is.  I’m still trying to define it.  Sometimes I feel like I have this split personality, split desires and preferences.  I vacillate between my life as a stay at home mom (being practical in how I dress) and indulging my natural aesthetic (which is more refined and glamorous than the athleisure uniform).

  • Another important aspect of this blog is the writing.  Many fashion bloggers don’t put a great emphasis on the words beyond a brief description of the outfit.  And that’s totally ok – I do have posts like that too!  But I will continue to be inspired to share what I’m thinking in addition to what I’m wearing.

  • I hope that you will join me on this adventure! I appreciate your feedback more than you can imagine and I encourage you to give it as comments on the posts (you can even do it anonymously), on Facebook, Instagram, or in person (for my local friends!) I hope that many more of your will be reading my blog this year!

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2 responses to “New Year Blogger Resolutions”

  1. Ivana Stefanoff says:

    Stef, it’s always a pleasure to read your blog and looking at your pictures is like looking at a fashion catalog. You are very good at it. And it’s true you. Don’t even doubt yourself. Good luck in 2017.

    • Stefana says:

      Thank you so much mama! I really appreciate your unwavering support!