New York State of Mind – Boiled Wool Coat


We decided to spend the day before Thanksgiving in New York City this year.  We took the kids to Central Park and walked around, had a foot long hot dog, climbed the rocks, and took some pictures.


I lived in New York for over five years when I first moved to the US.  I am completely and utterly forever in love with this city!  As soon as we came out of the Lincoln Tunnel I had to roll down my window and take in the all familiar smells.  The smell of street kebabs and honey roasted peanuts.  If you’ve ever been to New York you know that aroma is unmistakable.  The sound of car horns and screeching tires, the blur of hurried people crossing the streets, the steam rising from the subway grates –  I love all of it!  But this hectic fast pace at all times can be very tiring and draining!  I have now lived twice as long in my current hometown than I did in New York but I somehow feel the city is my home and Bel Air is just a temporary residence.  Maybe one day I will come back to the Big Apple and stay forever!  For now, I will have to be content with occasional visits to get the energy of the city racing through my veins before I return to my easy and pleasant life in the province.


Speaking of pleasant, 50 degrees feels great when you’re outside only for as long as it takes to run across the Target parking lot.  But when you spend a whole day walking around for miles and the sun unable to penetrate the shadows of the tall buildings – 50 degrees feels like 30!  I stayed warm however, thanks to this beloved boiled wool jacket I bought during a Black Friday sale at Anthropologie a few years ago.


So unfortunately, it is no longer available but I will link a similar one from L.L.Bean.  The jacket is unlined and very light to wear, however very warm because of the nature of the material.  I adore the unique design and draping on the front.  That and my cashmere lined, fur trimmed leather gloves kept me warm on top.


I hope you’re not shocked by my white jeans after Labor Day – you know better, I’m sure!  They’re now winter white jeans which together with my OTK boots took care of my legs.  Next time I will know to wear thicker socks – for both warmth and added comfort.

The picture below illustrates perfectly how I think about where I am in life – living out in the country surrounded by grass and trees but with the city buildings standing tall behind me, in the back of my mind, waiting for me to return!  How very sappy of me, but so true – tearing up now!


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Jacket: Anthropologie (unavailable), similar: L.L.Bean || Jeans: LOFT || Boots: Matisse || Gloves: Banana Republic (unavailable), similar: Nordstrom



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