Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Picks 2017

The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is admittedly one of the biggest fashion retail and blogger events of the year. Early access started today (July 13th) for Nordstrom credit card holders. The sale opens to the public on July 21st and runs until August 6th. The items in the sale are part of brand new collections being introduced for the fall and winter season. If you want to know what will be popular and what your favorite fashion bloggers will be wearing it in the next few months, be sure to check it out.

I poured over thousands of items in the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale and narrowed them down to my favorites below. Some are classic pieces at a great price, others are more trendy and current styles. Most of these items I chose because they appeal to my personal aesthetic. I wish I had unlimited budget and could order them all but unfortunately I had to restrict myself to my absolute must haves. Here are my severely narrowed down choices. I would like to order all of these although I’m guessing I will have to save some for later purely out of budget considerations.






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  1. Jean says:

    Love all these pics! Really into the pointed heels and pink double breasted coat.