NYFW Day 1

So do you know what it was really like at NYFW? You can read my general overview here, but what I want to talk about now is the unique perspective I experienced.

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Coat: Banana Republic || Top: Who What Wear for Target || Skirt: Nordstrom (sold out), similar || Boots: Matisse || Bracelets: Boho Betty || Bag: Louis Vuitton

Imagine a special kind of bee hive – no worker bees, only queen bees! These alpha females descended upon NYC from their respective habitats decked out in their best, most #fashionweekworthy outfits, toting around their designer handbags. They would cram themselves into Ubers (to split the cost) and head to the remote locations of the fashion show venues.  Some would cross the same street multiple times in their exaggerated Sex and the City strut hoping that the lens of a streetstyle photographer will point their way and they will achieve InstaFame. They would sometimes wait in line for over an hour to get seated just so they can hold their iPhones up to the runway and show their followers how close they were to the pinnacle of the fashion industry. The venues are hot, the February air outside is cold, the sidewalks are slick!

Another aspect of NYFW are all the networking events hosted by various brands and companies during which the bloggers get to sample and experience goods and services for free. And guess what happens when stuff is given out for free – long lines form,  more waiting! And all of that waiting done in high heels!

Don’t get me wrong – I’m not throwing any shade, I did the exact same thing. And yes, it’s great to sit back and sip bottomless champagne, get your hair and nails done, bring some goodies home and do a shoot with a professional photographer. But the photos show only #halfthestory.  I hope I painted a more complete picture for you. Maybe I’m at a point in my life when I just don’t get excited by freebies and celebrity sightings. My time and comfort are more valuable than swag I can afford to buy myself.

I hope I didn’t paint too much of a negative picture because after all I had a lot of fun and I will definitely do it again! I met some wonderful people, had engaging conversations, and made a lot of observations. I was with my tribe – everybody is dressed to the nines, everything is a photo op (nobody takes a drink or eats before snapping a pic for Instagram). I got plenty of inspiration – from the people and from the city. I was reminded of who I am again and what I want in life.

Photo Credit: Bora Images

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Coat: Banana Republic || Top: Who What Wear for Target || Skirt: Nordstrom (sold out), similar || Boots: Matisse || Bracelets: Boho Betty || Bag: Louis Vuitton

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  1. Ivana Stefanoff says:

    The pictures are great 👍. You look fantastic. Yes, I can imagine how exciting it is to do fashion shoot with a professional photographer, but your own one (Rus)is pretty good as well. Or, perhaps it’s not about the photographer’s skills, but rather the model. 😀 At any rate, it was pleasure to read about your first date in NYFW. Looking forward to the next post. 👍👍👍👍👍