NYFW Day 2 and Tips for Bloggers

I wrote quite a few posts about my first trip to NYFW but I want to use this final post to list the helpful tips I can offer to other first timers who will possibly and hopefully be reading this in the future. And of course I will show you my outfit from that day.

  1. Decide how many days you want to spend at NYFW.  If you’re only going for a couple of days you will probably want to pack in as many shows and events as you can. That will make your days long and tiring. If you are able to, go for a longer period so you can pace yourself and not feel feel like you have to schedule a show for every time slot.
  2. Visual aids will help you with your scheduling.  I made an Excel spreadsheet with all the shows and events I planned to go with the times and addresses listed.
  3. Paper backup. Print your passes just in case something goes wrong with your phone and you can’t access the e-tickets. Bring external batteries and your charger – your phone battery will likely not make it through the long day.
  4. Use Uber! The venues are all the way by the West Side Highway and it’s really not realistic to rely on the subway. If you’re only attending one show in the day, you can maybe afford to take your sweet time and walk for blocks in your fancy shoes but it’s also cold in February and hot in September. There are some Uber options that allow you to buy a bundle of rides for a set low price – that would be ideal especially if you split the cost with a friend.
  5. Go with friends. I am a member of an amazing community of fashion and lifestyle bloggers called Style Collective. I went to NYFW alone but meeting and hanging out with all the “SC sisters” contributed greatly to this amazing experience. We split Uber rides together, went to events, took pictures, went to brunch, shared tips and ideas, and just had fun!
  6. Arrive to the events early (30 min to an hour) to make sure you don’t get shut out. The shows are usually overbooked and once the venue reaches capacity, the doors close and no one is allowed in. When you schedule shows, allow cushion for early arrival and travel time.
  7. Bring packable snacks. Again, this will not apply if you’re only planning on attending one show, but if you have multiple shows, there won’t be any time to stop and eat a meal. Bring  protein or granola bars, or whatever your snack of choice is to get you through the day.
  8. Don’t bother bringing your DSLR to the shows – your iPhone camera is sufficient. But if you can, designate time for outfit pics – NYC provides the most awesome backdrop!
  9. Some people love bringing a large tote bag that can fit all the things. For me, a cross body bag was perfect – it carried my essentials and allowed me to have my hands free and not suffer shoulder pain from the weight of a tote.
  10. If you’re reading this because it’s going to be your first time and you’re nervous and anxious (like I was), don’t be! Consider your first trip as an exploratory mission and a learning experience. Relax and have fun!

Blogging Community - Style Collective

As I mentioned above, what made the experience even more amazing for me was meeting all the wonderful bloggers from the Style Collective group. We had brunch at Pennsylvania 6 – a really cool restaurant and raw bar in Midtown. The place has an authentic New York feel and is a stone’s throw from Madison Square Garden and Penn Station. Be sure to go for their weekend bottomless brunch – it includes unlimited Mimosas and Bellinis – what!!

Photography: Bora Images


The outfit I wore to my second day at NYFW and to the SC brunch is an example of an entirely recycled outfit from pieces I already owned. I didn’t have to buy any new items for that day. Unfortunately, all the items are no longer available. I have linked each item to a previous post in which I have worn that item with a different outfit. I have provided you with some similar alternatives below.

Coat: J.Crew Factory  || Top: Target || Skirt: Anthropologie || Booties: Anthropologie || Bracelet: Boho Betty (Use STEFANA20 to save 20%)



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  1. Jean Exum says:

    Your post is as inspiring as it is informative. Thank you! I love your style.