Of Capes and Heroes


I can’t talk about capes without thinking of my middle son.  He is almost 8 now but for two straight years (between the ages of 3 and 5)  he wore a superman cape that I made for him  out of shiny red fabric.

I had to make one for him because he would take my kitchen towels and clip them around his neck with a large paper clip.  It was long and billowy and had velcro instead of ties so he could fasten it himself.


He would hang it on his bed post at night and would put it back on as soon as he woke up.  I am not exaggerating when I say he wore it every day and everywhere.  Random people would stop me to say they had seen us (the kid with the red cape) around town.  He wore it with joy and confidence.  A little hero who didn’t worry about what people might think or say.


As we get older doubt and insecurity creep up.  Can I pull this off?  Is it too much?  Are people going to stare?  Will they approve, or snicker behind my back?  This goes for wearing a cape, carrying a bag,  or putting on a hat – literal or metaphorical.  The fear of putting ourselves out there, of attracting attention can keep us from dressing in a way or doing things that make our heart sing.


As I don my plaid (of course!) cape and the wind picks it up, I can’t help but remember my tiny superhero.  I chose to do as he did.  I am putting my cape on and doing things that make me happy.  It also helps when he looks at me and says, mommy you look beautiful!  I encourage you to do the same – wear your capes, hats, and bags!  Let your light shine bright and guess what, you might find that most people will respond with a smile and an extended hand!


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Cape: DSW || Jeans: TJMaxx, similar: Lucky Brand || T-shirt: Target || Booties: Sam Edelman



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