Plaid Blanket Scarf


This is probably old news to you – the plaid blanket scarf.  But if you still don’t have one or don’t know what they are, well – you’ve come to the right place.


I am here to tell you that you need to get yourself one, or two, or more (as in my case!)  The blanket scarf is this big square of softness and warmth that’s also oh so pretty.  You can wear it as a triangle scarf as I have done in the pictures, as a shawl, a shrug, a regular long scarf … you decide!


They come in different shades which makes you want to get one to go with every outfit in your closet.  And here’s another brilliant idea – at the great price they are and with the discount code I’m going to give you, they make perfect teacher gifts.  I guarantee you will be able to find a color that will fit your or the recipient’s aesthetic.


I love pieces that are functional (keep you warm) but also accessorize an otherwise plain outfit and make it stand out.  A colorful plaid blanket scarf in winter is like a beautiful necklace in the summer.


I get my scarves at Ilymix . They have the best prices and you can save 20% on your purchase when you use the code STEFANA20 at checkout.

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Blanket Scarf: Ilymix || Jeans: Loft || Utility Jacket: Target || Top: Matilda Jane (discontinued) similar: Nordstrom || Booties: Anthropologie (discontinued) similar: Amazon


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