Sequin Leggings – Happy New Year 2018

Sequin Leggings, Chenille Sweater

It’s December 31st and I am preparing to head out and celebrate the New Year with my significant other. We were lucky enough to secure a baby sitter for this night and made reservations for an intimate dinner. We tried “the party till midnight” last year and decided to go for a low key option this time. I am looking forward to dinner regardless because it’s at a local place famous for it’s farm to table unique menu and exquisite wine Pairings (wink, wink, if you’re local, you know which one it is.)

Sequin Leggings, Chenille Sweater


Leggings: Project Runway || Sweater: Express || Heels: Vince Camuto


Sequin leggings are all the rage this year so much so that I had a hard time getting my hands on this pair. I worry that by the time I publish this post, most everything out there will be sold out. I will try my best to link some similar options for you.


Originally, I intended to wear this asymmetrical long sleeve/sleeveless top but unfortunately shipping is taking so long that I still don’t have it. So I had to figure out something else. I will be very real with you right now! I have had a pretty bad cold for the past couple of days and had absolutely no desire to venture out shopping. It is sooo cold here right now, I can’t imagine wearing the sleeveless number any way. All I want to do is put pajamas on and go to bed early. But what I did instead was put my sequin leggings on and my favorite sweater of all time – sparkly with cozy.


Sparkles and high heels are the key to feeling dressed up and glamorous. That and make up! Another secret – this is not champagne that I’m holding. Sometimes things just don’t go as planned folks. Someone gave us this bottle and I didn’t bother look at the label till we opened it and realized it was sparkling grape juice. Aaaah! See, things are not as shiny as they look in the pictures. You can’t tell that I’m sniffling, coughing and drinking grape juice. Cheers!

Sequin Leggings, Chenille Sweater

Sequin Leggings, Chenille Sweater

As a blogger, the highlights this past year were my attending New York Fashion Week twice (in February and September) and the amazing connections I made with fellow bloggers. In the personal arena, what stands out the most are the trip to London with my husband and the vacation in Cancun with the kids. Isn’t it interesting that all the high points involve travel?! Unfortunately, I have to take note of the not so fun things that happened last year. I had to deal with a health condition and had surgery in October but I have recovered amazingly well and am back to normal.


I’m not one to make resolutions and plan big but I do hope that the new year will bring more of the same. I have nothing to complain about (even though I practice complaining as if it was an amateur sport) and my life is pretty sweet. So I will be happy if things continue as they have been this past year. I’d love to get the opportunity to travel more and continue to grow my blog. As trivial as it sounds, dealing with my health setback reminded me that good health is all that matters and without it, everything else is irrelevant.


And that is why I wish you good health, and all the rest will come!

Sequin Leggings, Chenille Sweater

Sequin Leggings, Chenille Sweater









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  1. Annie says:

    Happy New Year, Stefana! I hope it’s a good one for you and your lovely family.

    Love the sequin trousers, by the way 🙂

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