Stylish and Warm in Winter

I left for Charleston this past Friday in the midst of a cold front that was gripping most of the nation.  As I was waiting in the security line I heard a couple of older ladies behind me comment on my outfit, one saying that it was cute, the other one responding that she doesn’t do cute in this freezing weather, “cute kills,” she said.

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Coat: Target || Dress: Target || Vest: J.Crew Factory || Leggings: LOFT || Boots: UGG, similar || Hat: Ilymix use STEFANA20 to save 20%

I wasn’t wearing the outfit in these pictures.  She was right!  What I had on wasn’t appropriate for 18 degree weather.  (She didn’t know I was going somewhere warm and that I had zero exposure to the elements – from my house garage to the airport garage, then the terminal.)

But it got me thinking – why do we have to sacrifice style for warmth?  Or why does “cute” have to mean freezing?

These are my steps for staying warm and not sacrificing style in this type of weather starting from the bottom:

Boots: I wear boots that are lined or I add wool inserts in my regular boots.  I am wearing a pair of UGGs here that are both warm because of their shearling lining but are also more stylish than snow boots because of their wedge heel, lace up back and sock trim.  I wouldn’t wear these in the snow – I’d substitute with proper snow boots.

Leggings: I prefer leggings to jeans or pants.  They hug my body and feel warmer than jeans which turn into stiff sheets of ice against my skin when it’s too cold.  Even better if you can find fleece lined ones (I have listed some below).  Leggings also allow me to layer a dress or a skirt over top.

A sweater dress: When worn over leggings a dress provides more coverage for the bum and legs than a regular length sweater.  A cute winter skirt will have the same effect.  Check out another way I wore this dress when it was warmer outside, here.

A middle layer: this is my personal favorite.  In fall or early winter the puffer vest is the outermost layer but when the temperatures drop, it becomes the middle layer between my sweater and coat.  From a style perspective, it creates visual interest as it adds more dimension to the outfit with it’s contrasting color and/or fabric.

Coat: If I’m using my puffer vest as a middle layer I can forego a down stuffed jacket and pick a more stylish alternative which wouldn’t have been warm enough otherwise. This fleece jacket is very light and easily layers over the vest.  I have also worn it in much warmer temperatures here.

Accessories: I remember my father making me wear a hat when I was a child and how I hated it. I would pull it off as soon as I was out of his sight.  I’m sure you did the same.  Luckily, there are so many stylish options now.  My most recent favorite is this fur pom beanie (and yes, I got it in more than one color!) You can get yours here and use STEFANA20 to save 20%


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Coat: Target || Dress: Target || Vest: J.Crew Factory || Leggings: LOFT || Boots: UGG, similar || Hat: Ilymix use STEFANA20 to save 20%



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