How To Tag Products On Instagram


This post is intended to help my fellow bloggers by sharing what I know about implementing Facebook Catalogs in order to tag products on Instagram.



How to Tag Products on Instagram

The time has finally come when Instagram will allow the majority of influencers to tag the products they are promoting on Instagram and take the consumer directly to the product shopping page – no middle man!



  • It removes an obstacle and an intermediate step for the consumer. In the past, they would have had to exit the Instagram app in order to find the source links on the influencer’s webpage or through a third party app (such as


  • The shoppable images are stored in a separate tab (SHOP) at the top of the profile so consumers can easily refer to past images with tagged products.


  • It allows links from various affiliate networks to be added to a single image, not just one network. (For example, in one image I can tag products with, Amazon, and Target affiliate links)


  • You must have a business profile on Instagram.


  • You must have Facebook Business Manager or a Shop tab on your FB Business Page


  • Even if you have the above two, you have to wait for the feature to be enabled on your account. It seems like IG is rolling this out faster now. I had the first two prerequisites for weeks before the feature appeared on my IG.





*** Disclaimer: I am not certain about the legality of using affiliate links and brands’ stock images to populate a Facebook Business Page Shop Tab. ***


The Shop Tab option is more straightforward and more user friendly. However, I don’t prefer it because it requires managing all of the images to be displayed by first storing them on your desktop in the preferred size and format. In addition, it limits the number of products to 1000. I already have over 500 products in my RewardStyle folders and have been a part of the network for less than a year. Imagine a blogger who has multiple years worth of products!


Add the Shop Tab to your Facebook Business Page. Go to Settings in the upper right corner. Then select Edit Page from the menu on the left. At the bottom, click on Add a Tab and add the Shop Tab.


How to Tag Products on Instagram

How to Tag Products on Instagram

How to Tag Products on Instagram


Now that you have the Shop Tab, click on it and proceed to add your products by uploading an image and filling out all the fields.


How to Tag Products on Instagram

How to Tag Products on Instagram


And you’re done! You can organize your products in categories (only 10 product per category) and once the Add Products feature is enabled on your IG account, you will be able to link your FB Shop section to IG and link the products in IG.



This option is a little bit more involved and requires creating and saving an Excel spreadsheet with all your products. The advantages to it are that you can have multiple catalogs that can be organized in any way you like and updating the FB catalogs can be done by scheduled automatic uploads.


  1. 1. Go to and create your FB Business Manager. Set it up by linking your (existing) Page for your blog.


(Note: This will remove the ability for you to access and post to your Blog Page from your personal FB account. You will have to go through the Pages App on mobile, or through Business Facebook Manager on desktop. A small price to pay in my opinion for everything you’re gaining.


How to Tag Products on Instagram


2.  Go to the Business Manager tab in the upper left corner and select Catalogs from the menus.


How to Tag Products on Instagram


3. Proceed with the steps to Create Catalog.


How to Tag Products on Instagram

How to Tag Products on Instagram


4. Select a name for your catalog. Your catalog is now created but it is empty. You have to populate it with products.


How to Tag Products on Instagram

How to Tag Products on Instagram


5. From the Data Sources tab, click Add Data Source and then Add Products.


How to Tag Products on Instagram

How to Tag Products on Instagram


6. The next step is creating the actual catalog. First, click on the “Download CSV Template” button. That will give you a blank Excel document.


How to Tag Products on Instagram


The template is a simple Excel document. The first row tells you if the fields below are required or optional. You can delete that row later. The second row is your field headers and you should keep it. It tells you what you’re supposed to put in the fields below. The third row shows you a sample of the formatting for each field. You can delete that too once you learn the formatting.


How to Tag Products on Instagram


Here’s an example of what my Catalog looks like. The “link” column is where I put my affiliate links. The majority are from RewardStyle but I also have links through the Amazon and Target affiliate programs because the commissions through them are higher than RS. The “image_link” column is a link to the image from the source website. The way to get that is by right-clicking or control-clicking on the image and then selecting Copy Image Address. Then just paste that to the “image_link” cell for that product.


The rest of the fields are really self explanatory. I only fill out the required fields.

How to Tag Products on Instagram


7. Once you have created and saved your Catalog, you can upload it to Facebook Business Manager. Keep the Catalog and continue to update it with more products. When you upload the updated version, FB Manager simply replaces the old one with the new version.

I select Single upload. If you have a huge catalog which you are updating constantly (most bloggers add new items all the time), it might be worth it to schedule your uploads. It will make the process less tedious.


How to Tag Products on Instagram


And this is the final step as far as set up. Having the Catalog will allow you to tag products on Instagram as well as Facebook Pages.


One you have completed these steps, the SHOP tab and Tag Products feature will be enabled on your account. (I don’t know how long it will take for that to happened for you, it’s a gradual rollout). Your Instagram profile will look like this:



How to Tag Products on Instagram


  • You can probably guess the major one – it is very cumbersome! You have to manually add every single product. Maybe in the future the affiliate networks will provide us with access to master product catalogs. I can’t really imagine how that would work since the links are generated separately for every product and influencer but I guess smarter minds than mine can figure it out.


  • Instagram allows you to tag only 5 products in an image.


  • You can’t tag both products and people. That might change in the future.

Please, let me know if you have any questions or need clarification. I will do my best to answer in the comments and also update the post to reflect the clarifications.


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  1. Lauren says:

    This is so cool! Such an informative and helpful post, thanks so much for sharing!!

  2. This is so helpful, thank you so much for sharing! I do have a question – is there a way to reflect when items are on sale via the price column? I noticed that the products show but the sale price won’t unless it is manually entered. My fear is that sales will go away and then product catalog won’t be accurate. Do you have any thoughts?

    • Stefana says:

      There’s no field in the catalog template for a sale price. If you enter the product via the Shop section, there’s a button to show on sale but I actually haven’t tested it to see if it will allow both prices to show or just the one price entered. The way I decided to handle it is, I use the regular price to stay consistent and then in the caption of my post talk about the item being on sale, the percent off, and sale price. Thank you for reading and commenting!