Thanksgiving Outfit


Here’s why I am loving this outfit for Thanksgiving this year:


1. THE BOW: For some odd reason it reminds me of a pilgrim’s attire.  It’s odd because this kind of a bow is not prominent in their garb but it just takes me right to this image:


It is more of a pussy bow and I will be remiss if I don’t give credit to the woman who brought this style into the public eye most recently.

Think what you may of her husband, but the first lady-elect knows her stuff when it comes to fashion and style and she rocked that pussy bow like no one else I know.  It doesn’t hurt that the outfit was a Gucci design!


2. THE PANTS: The fabric is micro corduroy – it is reminiscent of velvet.  Nothing to me is more formal and festive than velvet and especially in this deep blue color. But because they are not velvet they can be dressed down.  Thanksgiving is a more relaxed holiday after all.  But do keep an eye out for velvet and crushed velvet.  You will be seeing it on this blog as well as at your favorite retailer very soon!


3. THE TOP: And that’s just a continuation of 2. Again deep jewel tone in the red spectrum but not a bright Christmas red, a more quiet, maroon red!


4. THE BOOTIES: My all time favorites, on repeat for many years now.  Traditional with a twist – a nod to the classic oxford!


5. THE BRACELET: You can’t do festive without some bling.  I’m usually minimal with my jewelry so I love that this bracelet creates a big impact with its size and elaborate detailing.



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Bow: Target || Pants: LOFT || Top: Target || Bracelet: Target || Booties: Not available, similar (Macy’s, Target, Macy’s || Amazon


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