How to Get That Fluffy Bed Look

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Have you ever looked at a catalog or gone to a home decor store like Pottery Barn and admired the big fluffy bed displays? Maybe you were convinced that you needed that exact bedding to recreate the look at home but were disappointed when you ended up with flat and unattractively made bed yet again. What is the secret to getting that loft, height, and coziness for your bed?

Fluffy bed styled with quilt, decorative throw pillows, white nightstand with ceramic table lamp, burlap shade, hand knotted rug

Cane bed | Wallpaper | Nightstands | Lamps | Rug | Quilt | Knit throw | Pillows (linked below)

The short answer to getting that fluffy bed look you see in stores and catalogs is layers. But let’s break that down even further and see what makes up those layers. I will also reveal some tricks of the trade that designers and stylists use so you can get the fluffy bed of your dreams.

Base layers for a fluffy bed

It is important to start out with quality basics that are neutral and will last for years to come. I like having white base layers because white pairs well with everything. I can change out the top layers and decorative accents while still using the same base layers.

  • Mattress protector – don’t skip this base layer. It makes your mattress thicker and fluffier but also protects it from dust and sweat.
  • Fitted sheet – this fitted sheet is very inexpensive but better than many pricier versions because it’s extra deep and has double reinforced elastic at the corners. The top and bottom sides are labeled so you don’t have to keep rotating it till it fits.
  • Duvet insert – the most important part for getting a fluffy bed. Down is better than any poly fill because it never mats down and can be fluffed. It is naturally lofty and airy.
  • Pillow insert – this gel filled pillow another very inexpensive option. It performs like a down pillow because it’s fluffable and recovers its shape. Unlike memory foam, it is breathable and cooling.

Mattress protector | Fitted sheet | Duvet insert | Pillow insert

Fluffy bed styled with quilt, decorative throw pillows, chunky knit throw blanket

Top layers for a fluffy bed

The Covers

I like to use a duvet, quilt, and a throw to make my bed fluffy. It may seem like a lot especially if you sleep hot or live in a warm climate. I tend to be cold and have a duvet on my bed year round. The one I like and recommend is the Classic Down insert from Pottery Barn. It is lightweight enough to use in the summer months but keeps you warm in winter. I also add a quilt on top, both for looks and for added weight and warmth in winter. Depending on your preference or seasons, you may decided to leave out the quilt but I definitely recommend using a down duvet insert which can be fluffed and create the loft you are looking for.

Fluffy bed styled with quilt, decorative throw pillows, white nightstand with ceramic table lamp, burlap shade, chunky knit throw blanket

The down duvet insert is not cheap so you will want to protect it with a duvet cover. My preference is for linen because it is soft and casual, ready to throw on the bed straight from the dryer. I don’t like cotton duvet covers because they get very wrinkled after washing and don’t look good unless steamed or ironed. Nobody has time for that! The more you wash linen, the softer it gets.

These are the steps I use to create a fluffy bed. I layer my duvet with a quilt on top. I fold both duvet and quilt down to about the middle part of the bed. Then I fold again back onto itself until the edge of the covers reaches the fold. This is the way to get a fluffy bed arrangement without having to use multiple duvet inserts.

If the bed doesn’t have a footboard, I like to tuck the bottom of the covers under the mattress for a more polished look. I usually let the sides hang because that makes it easier to get in and out of bed. Adding a knitted throw or blanket loosely at the foot of the bed makes for a cozy and casual looking bed. My favorite throw to use is this one from Target. It comes in many different colors and it’s very oversized. I used the full/queen size for my king size bed here.

The Pillows

Fluffy bed styled with quilt, decorative throw pillows

It is important to have the right amount and size bed pillows for your size bed. Typically, I use two standard pillows for a full or queen bed, and three standard or two king pillows for a king size bed. As with the covers, layering the pillows will give you that height and loft that makes for a fluffy bed. I start with three standard pillows and then add two king size on top.

The sleeping pillows lay flat at the headboard and then I add decorative pillows standing up in front of them. I finish the decorative pillows with a single bolster or lumber pillow. You can have all three matching pillows or choose different but coordinating ones for more interest and dimension.

Windowpane pillow | Floral pillow | Block pillow | Bolster pillow

Tricks of the trade

Even if you do all the steps outlined above, you may still fall short of that ideal fluffy bed you see in Pottery Barn stores. The reason for that is that they use little tricks to make their beds look extra cozy. The sneakiest one is that they use two duvet inserts inside a single duvet. You probably don’t want to do that for your bed at home. It will be a pain to make the bed each time and probably too hot for sleeping.

In addition, the beds displayed in the stores are usually full or queen. It’s easier to style smaller beds with pillows and covers than a king size bed that tends to always look disproportionately larger to the decorative pillows. Use my trick for stacking bed pillows flat behind the throw pillows to make up some of that difference in scale.

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