Easy Way to Hang a Photo Gallery Wall Without Measuring

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What is a photo gallery wall?

A photo gallery wall is a great way to transform any room into an inviting and creative space. It is a collection of photos, artworks, and other visual elements that can be arranged in different patterns to create an eye-catching display. With the right combination of photos and decorations, you can add an extra dimension to your home decor and make it look more personal.

Photo gallery wall with vintage bench and artisan vase with hydrangeas

Gallery Wall | Bench | Vase | Rug

Whether it’s a single big blank wall or an entire room, the possibilities for creating beautiful photo gallery walls are endless. From choosing the right frames and layout to selecting the perfect pictures and accessories, this guide will help you create a stunning photo gallery wall that will bring your home decor to life! There is also a time-saving, foolproof option included.

Stefana Silber in front of woven door cabinet and photo gallery wall

Woven cabinet | Oversized mat frames | Vase

Types of photo gallery walls

There are many different ways in which you can create a show-stopping gallery wall depending on the space and setting. I like to distinguish between two major types – geometric and organic.

Woven cabinet and large framed photos

Woven door cabinet | Oversized mat frames | Vase

Geometric – A geometric photo gallery wall is one whose outlines are constrained within a geometric shape – rectangle or square. Usually the frames selection is uniform, of the same color and size. A geometric gallery wall is like a grid.

Geometric grid black and white photo gallery wall, woven door cabinet

Woven door cabinet | Lamps | Oversized mat frames | Woven baskets

Organic – An organic gallery wall is one whose outline cannot be contained in a specific geometric form. These gallery walls usually incorporate different styles and sizes of frames. They are free-flowing and do not form a grid.

Gallery wall

Gallery Wall Kit

Choose the right kind of photos

Creating a gallery wall is like creating a work of art. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. But if you like to have a more traditional-looking gallery wall, I would frame photos from the same photoshoot. This will make the composition appear purposeful and uniform.

But if you want to display photos that were taken at different times, I recommend converting them to black and white. This will give them the gallery collection style that is so appealing.

Pottery barn oversized gallery wall frames

Oversized mat frames | Woven door cabinet | Table lamp | Woven baskets

The right frames for your photo gallery wall

The frames you choose for your photo gallery wall can make or break the entire display. There are plenty of options on the market but I recommend spending a little more for a high-quality frame. Cheap frames or frames with a single hook can make the whole gallery appear wonky and you will be forever adjusting the frames. Always opt for frames with two hooks to ensure they hang straight.

Stefana Silber hanging gallery wall frames

A template for your photo gallery wall

If you want to avoid having a swiss cheese of a wall with holes, do this first. Clear out enough room in front of the wall you will be hanging the frames on, and lay them out on the floor. That is the easy part. The hard part is transferring that design onto the wall above it. You can cut out paper or cardboard in the same size as the frames and tape it to the wall with painter’s tape. But that is very labor intensive.

white wall with gallery frames and child sitting on bench

Gallery Wall Kit

Using Framebridge photo gallery wall kits

Alternatively, you can use a full-service option like Framebridge. You can pick from a number of gallery walls and placements. The service includes the printing and framing of your photos. Or you can send original photos and artwork for framing. Then you receive all the framed photos with a large paper template. I attached the template to my wall with painter’s tape at the corners.

The only measuring you have to do is to ensure the template is level. Yes, this service is pricey but good-quality frames are not cheap. If you were to add up the cost of all the frames and the hassle of printing, framing, coming up with a design, measuring, templating, and hanging, the cost of this gallery wall kit starts to make more sense.

This gallery wall kit is a bit pricey because it takes away all of the measuring and guesswork of the design. If you are willing and able to do a bit of DIY work, these frame sets below are more budget-friendly.

gallery frame set

1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5

Use the right tools and mounts

Typically, the only tools you would need to hang your gallery frames are wire nails and a hammer. The Framebridge gallery kits come with nails and fasteners. Just nail through the paper template and peel back the paper once all nails are in. The template is designed precisely to the hooks on the frames and they will fit right in place, perfectly spaced. No more shifting the frame over and creating multiple holes in your wall.

Having good quality hanging hardware and a level is also important.

Other decorative elements

Styling up your photo gallery wall with other decorative elements can be an exciting way to add a personal touch to your home. With the right home decor accessories, you can create a unique look that reflects your style and personality.

Whether you’re looking for something classic or contemporary, there are endless options to choose from. I added a vintage bench and a large vase below my photo gallery wall. The colorful vintage rug picks up the gold tones of the frames.

finished basement, photo gallery wall, vintage bench, vintage red rug, pottery barn oversized frames, woven door cabinet

Gallery Wall Kit | Bench | Vase | Rug | Woven cabinet | Oversized mat frames | Lamps

These gallery walls transformed our finished basement into a warm, welcoming, and personalized space.

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