Is a Bench Seat Sofa Right for You?

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Shopping for furniture can be stressful. I’ve had several pieces of furniture in my living room and with each passing style, I learn a little more about what I like and don’t like about seating. After having two and three-seat furniture I made the switch to a bench seat sofa. Before you click the “buy” button on new living room furniture, keep reading for details you should consider first.

living room with West Elm Marin bench seat sofa in camel velvet fabric, large wall art hanging above sofa, builtin shelves

What is a bench seat sofa?

A bench seat sofa has one long cushion for seating. As far as style and design go, a single cushion makes a small sofa feel longer. There are no lines to make it feel choppy like a traditional sofa. One long cushion gives furniture a sleek and sophisticated look that is sure to elevate any room.

Single cushion vs. multiple cushions

Most sofas have two or three seat cushions, but depending on the size and shape they can have many more. While having a bunch of cushions to remove and play with is the perfect scenario for young kids, this can be maddening for those of us who like to keep things in place. A single long cushion may be a deterrent to any fort-building efforts.

leather multi-cushion sofa
one cushion sofa with bench seat and single back cushion

Another detail to look for is whether the seat or back cushions of a sofa are removable. Personally, I like the ability to remove them for cleaning and fluffing purposes.

Pros and cons of a single cushion sofa

There are good things and bad things about every piece of furniture. The goal is to figure out what qualities and characteristics are most important to you and which ones you can overlook. What’s the best way to do that? A pros and cons list! Here are a few key points to consider when choosing your next sofa.


  • contemporary design makes a space feel sleek and updated
  • can seat multiple people without anyone having to sit on a crack
  • great for naps because the single cushion feels more like a bed


  • the cushion tends to warp and shift with use
  • more difficult to straighten and fluff due to the size
  • if the cushion is damaged you have to replace the whole thing

Sofas in my home

Currently, I have three one-cushion sofas. The two in my living room are the same velvet fabric but in different colors – white and camel. I love how they contrast yet have the same lines to balance out the space. Mixing furniture is one of my favorite ways to makeover outdated spaces in my home. For more details about them, head over to my detailed Review of the West Elm Marin Sofa.

upscale casual living room with light colors and natural materials, fireplace wall with builtin bookshelves, velvet single cushion bench seat sofas, white boucle chairs, mixing complementary furniture

The third one is a recent find. This affordable option from Walmart is just what my loft space needed. It has washable slipcovers and is a breeze to put together.

affordable white sofa with one seat cushion and two back cushions from Walmart

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The leather sofas that were previously in my living room went down to the basement where they fit the look of the space a little better. The masculine materials and style paired with the black-painted walls create a rich and dramatic feel.

Would I buy a bench seat sofa again?

After living with all kinds of sofas over the years I’ve reached a final decision and the answer is YES! A bench seat sofa fits right in with my style. I love to create beautiful spaces in my home; design details will always be a priority when it comes to making decisions.

One thing I will always pass on is a single back cushion. I can deal with having to fix the seat cushion when needed but don’t like having to do the entire sofa every time someone sits on it.

person fluffing seat cushion of white velvet sofa
person fluffing back cushion of white velvet sofa

Check out my post for tips on cleaning and maintaining a fabric sofa to keep your furniture looking new!

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