Laundry Room Makeover: Before & After

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Laundry isn’t the most exciting chore. It needs to be done but is never finished – the piles never end! I wanted to make this dull task tolerable and a laundry room makeover was just the way to do it! This post has all the functional design elements and decor I used to create a space that makes me look forward to laundry day!

laundry room decorated with vintage decor, vertical shiplap, wallpaper, checkerboard floors and built in cabinets, vintage stool

Laundry Room Before

Our 90s home needed some updates and the laundry room was no exception. Boring brown ceramic tile on the floors, yellow walls, and don’t even get me started on the fluorescent light fixture. The kitchen renovation made the current adjacent laundry room look extra bland. Let’s just say I kept that door closed as much as possible.

outdated laundry room before picture, yellow walls, brown ceramic tiles, fluorescent light on ceiling

The laundry room makeover started slow. The previous owners had cabinets with a countertop on the opposite of the washer and dryer. Since this space doubles as the mudroom between the garage and kitchen, I needed to change that to built-in cabinets to provide a specific storage area for things like coats, shoes, and backpacks.

laundry room updated with new paint color, mudroom built-in cabinets and light fixture, same brown ceramic tile

Laundry Room Floor Tile

Initially, we didn’t change the tile on the floor. We lived with it while we worked on other spaces in our home. The new paint color and cabinets made them tolerable.

laundry room updates prior to full makeover

One of my favorite looks is the classic checkerboard floor. It made such a huge impact in our small basement bathroom so I knew a marble checkerboard floor was going to be the perfect choice for the laundry room.

laundry room with marble checkerboard floors, accessible beige shiplap, wall art, vintage laundry hamper on wheels, updated light fixtures

The diamond pattern is such an elegant look and creates a flawless transition to the classic red oak wood floors in the kitchen. Because this is space gets a lot to foot traffic, I went with a dark gray grout.

Laundry Room Sink

If you have the space for a sink in the laundry room I highly recommend it. You can pretreat stains more easily and wash your hands.

pretty laundry room sink with marble top, polished nickel faucet, unlacquered brass hardware

This doesn’t have to be an ugly utility sink! Aesthetics are just as important as function to me so I chose one with that in mind. Does it have a marble top and a polished nickel faucet? Why yes it does! But these pretty little details are just what this room design needed. You can find my vanity at Home Depot.

Decorative Touches

Every room needs decor – even your laundry room! Since this is a functional space the decor should add to the look of the room without obstructing movement. Here are some ways used decor in my laundry room makeover:


I didn’t want to move the plumbing therefore I needed to find a way to hide the water supply lines that were visible when the washer and dryer were put back into place. Instead of building some elaborate contraption that would make it difficult to access the water lines, I just grabbed a cute little Anthropologie pot, added some draping greenery and styled it on the vanity. Is it perfect? No, but it hides the lines well enough to not bother me.

washing machine water lines visible
hiding water lines in laundry room with decorative vase and plant

Laundry Room Wallpaper and Vertical Shiplap

The laundry room walls really got a makeover! To hold us over I had painted the walls a light shade of blue. It was trendy at the time, but hanging wallpaper and installing vertical shiplap truly reflects my current style.

vertical shiplap and wallpaper, interior shutters on windows, marble checkerboard floors

I hung Nuvolette wallpaper in our primary bedroom, bathroom, and closet and had enough left over to get started in the laundry room. Since most people that come to my home won’t see the bedroom, I was comfortable using the same pattern again here. The neutral colors in the wallpaper work so well with the color I used to paint the bathroom vanity and custom closet cabinets so I reused that here too. See all the Accessible Beige by Sherwin-Williams in my home!

Wall Art

Will you find signs that say “Laundry Room” in my laundry room? Absolutely not! The washer and dryer are a dead giveaway to my whereabouts. What this neutral color palette needed was a pop of color and this large wall art was just the thing.

laundry room makeover after picture, marble floors, vintage laundry hamper, built-in cabinets, white washer and dryer, vertical shiplap and wallpaper on walls, large wall art

I had just enough room to add some small wall art above the sink too!

small was art above laundry sink

Floating Shelf with Gallery Rail

Where there is an opportunity for open shelving I’m going to take it! Our basement wet bar has floating shelves that have a modern look. The laundry room has more of a traditional style and to give the floating shelf some flair, I added a brass gallery rail to the top and a brass bar to the bottom which I use to hang clothing that needs to air dry.

floating shelf with brass gallery rail over laundry sink

Functional Updates

The functional details in my laundry room makeover are what make this design complete. After all, the point of this space is doing laundry.

Storage Under the Sink

I mentioned my pretty sink above, but I didn’t explain that the sink has cabinet space below. Storage is key in any home, but laundry rooms have lots of things that need hiding. Detergent, cleaning supplies, and more. I keep the pretty stuff up on the floating shelf.

floating shelf with brass gallery rail above laundry sink with cabinet

Clothes Drying Rack

Some clothing items shouldn’t be hung on hangers to dry because the weight of the garment will cause those dreaded lumps and bumps. For the pieces that I cannot hang on the brass rail, I use a drying rack. Often it’s just one or two things that need to air dry so I use this collapsible drying rack that is easy to hide when not in use.

Wall hooks

Using wall space is key for laundry rooms that don’t have much storage. You can hang baskets from wall hooks and tuck cleaning supplies inside. It’s also a good spot to hang things like brooms and dustpans – get some cute ones!

decorative hook on wall with small purse hanging on it

A single pretty hook is just what this wall needed. Its purpose is more decorative since I have plenty of storage space. But I didn’t want to hang wall art here that would compete with the large colorful piece that is within view.

Hamper on Wheels

This is my favorite thing to use when doing laundry. I can wheel it all around for convenience but the best part is the sweet vintage look it adds. It’s one of those things that pulls double duty because it is functional and pretty too!

laundry room after picture with vintage looking hamper on wheels, shiplap, wallpaper and wall art, checkerboard marble flooring

Frequently Asked Questions about a Laundry Room Makeover

What is the best flooring for a laundry room?

It’s best to have waterproof flooring in a laundry room. Tile is a great choice, but if you want something more affordable you can use luxury vinyl planks or tiles. Otherwise, you might want to use a drain pan under the washer in the event of a leak.

How can you update a laundry room on a budget?

Sometimes small changes make the biggest impact. A coat of paint in a new color is an affordable way to give your laundry room a refresh. Add a new rug, some wall art, and a new light fixture and you’ll look forward to laundry day!

How can I add storage to a laundry room?

Let me count the ways! If big changes are in your budget, consider adding more cabinetry and possible stacking your washer and dryer. One of my favorite ways to add storage space is open shelving if you have wall space. Even a small shelf will provide a place to keep things within reach. I always recommend using baskets and bins which help to corral similar items and prevent clutter – which happens pretty quick in smaller spaces.

How do you decorate a laundry room?

Just like any other room in your home! Stick with the same design style and use decor that is similar to what you already have around your home. Use faux flowers (dust frequently), wall art and shelf decor. If you have the space, add a decorative stool or some other small accent furniture. The possibilities are endless!

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