Kitchen Island Decor Ideas

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Every room has a focal point and in your kitchen, it’s likely the island. Typically situated in the center of the space, it’s the perfect place to let your decorating skills shine. This post is all about kitchen island decor ideas that will inspire you throughout the year. These styling tips will help you create an eye-catching display for special occasions or every day!

Stefana Silber decorating a kitchen island with fall decor

Tips for decorating in the kitchen

The concept of decorating your kitchen island is much like styling shelves and other surfaces in your home. How and what you use to style your countertops will depend on the look of the rest of your home. If you prefer the minimalist look you don’t want to over-decorate your island because it will seem cluttered and out of place.

However, you must also consider that this area in your kitchen is a functional space. Any decor should allow it to be still used without disruption. Otherwise, you risk having to re-style it every time it is moved out of the way, and that constant battle will annoy everyone.

Placement is also key to getting island decor just right. I don’t have a sink in my island so I can style the center. If you have a sink then you’ll need to shift your decor so the sink area is unobstructed and functional.

Easy kitchen island decor ideas

Swapping decor around is such an easy way to refresh a space for each season or just because. Here are a few of the decor pieces I frequently use to update my kitchen look.

Vases and flowers

This is my favorite way to make a statement in the kitchen (or anywhere in my home!). Even with a less-is-more take on decorating, greenery or florals in a vase will breathe new life into your space.

Keep a few versatile vases and demijohns on hand that you can rotate to create your kitchen island centerpiece. Leave them empty for a minimalist style or fill them with branches and stems for the season. Taller vases are stunning with both sparse and full displays. Shorter vases look better with a full bunch of stems. Again, the amount of filler you use depends on your style preference and the look you are trying to achieve.

Decorative bowls and baskets

Mixing materials is one of the easiest ways to make a space more interesting and a kitchen island is the ultimate place to incorporate multiple natural elements delicately. Woven baskets, wooden bowls, and textured artisan vases are complementary pieces that work with any interior design style and seasonal decor.

kitchen island decor ideas for spring
kitchen island decorated with vase, flowers, and basket of fruit

The structural elements in my kitchen are all white and serve as the blank canvas for my lighting and decor. The colors I use to decorate change with the seasons and I don’t have to worry about the warm tones of fall decor or spring hues clashing with the space.

Stefana Silber decorating her white kitchen island with a bowl of faux artichokes, white kitchen with marble countertops

While a vase can be left empty, a bowl looks better with a filler. For the spring and summer months, I’ve used fruit to brighten my kitchen island decor and provide easy access to a healthy snack. Despite being available year-round, real artichokes are most often associated with summer and fall months but I leave my faux ones out all year long. They become more of a focal point between seasons, especially that long stretch of winter after Christmas decorations come down.

Trays and pedestals

Besides adding texture, decorative trays and pedestals serve as a base for other smaller decor pieces. Trays create boundaries and prevent things from spilling over into spaces that weren’t intended to be decorated.

white kitchen with wooden tray with decor
kitchen island with woven tray and decor
white kitchen with woven tray, black artisan vase and greenery

Pedestal stands are a commonly overlooked idea for decorating your kitchen island. You can – but don’t have to – use something like a frilly cake stand to build your scene vertically. Wood pedestal stands look beautiful and are functional too – use them to protect your countertops from scratches and drips.


A kitchen is full of aromas already, right? This is where you cook and bake so there is no need to add another scent here. But who doesn’t love the look of a candle?

kitchen island centerpiece with flowers and candles

They do not have to be lit to add to the ambiance. Grab a couple of low candle holders with varying heights and style them with some flowers. This look feels more like a dining table centerpiece which is nice when your island is often used for meals.

Kitchen items

This post is all about the pretty things you can use to decorate your island, but if you don’t have a lot of counter space, make it look nice with everyday kitchen items instead. Linens – like placemats and napkins – come in all sorts of lovely colors and patterns. Use this as an opportunity to display your style beautifully and functionally.

cutting board decorated with cocktail ingredients and shaker

Make cocktail hour extra special with a chic centerpiece. If you have a large enough cutting board you can style festive garnishes along with drinkware and bottles all together while protecting your island. I have honed marble countertops (yes, I still love it) and while I don’t fret over etching and natural changes that occur with use, I do try to protect it from stains.

When I’m hosting, the island becomes a popular spot for guests. Here they’ll find the food, drinks, and fascinating conversation – haha!

Decorating a kitchen island for the holidays

Decorating for the winter holidays makes a home look and feel magical! It’s easy to add touches of Christmas decor to a kitchen. Red berry stems and small wreaths are my favorite way to do just that. They are both iconic holiday pieces that can be used year after year.

You can read more about my Christmas kitchen and decorating with wreaths posts for more inspiration!

Kitchen lighting

Lighting isn’t as simple – or cheap – to replace but it plays a huge part in your kitchen island decor. I love a good statement centerpiece, but if your pendants are impressive you may want to pull back on the decor. For your kitchen island decorating ideas to be impactful, they need to have some balance with the light fixtures. Read more about kitchen lighting design to learn how to create a warm and welcoming space.

classic upscale white kitchen with marble countertops and unlacquered brass hardware, statement pendants, centerpiece with case and hydrangeas

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  1. I get a lot of inspiration from your posts. Do you have any design ideas for those islands with kitchen sinks to show us how to decorate around a kitchen sink? Maybe a demo with a pc of a paper sink in place and then show how to decorate around it. Thanks for all your great tips!

  2. Absolutely LOVE all of your content!!! You are so talented and your style if off the charts! Thank you for sharing!

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