8 Party Hosting Essentials You Need Now

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Party Hosting Essentials

I wish someone had given me a list of party-hosting essentials when I got married. It would have saved me years of trying to figure things out or scrambling to find the things I needed at the last minute.

These are the things I find myself reaching for over and over again. Whether it’s a birthday party, a 4th of July holiday party, a Super Bowl party, or any occasion where adults gather to enjoy food and drinks.

Get these essential items now so you can remove the stress of planning your next party and just enjoy the company of your guests.

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Party Hosting Essentials links: 1. Cheese boards | 2. Charcuterie knives | 3. Tiered stands | 4. Utensils caddy | 5. Wine stoppers | 6. Drink dispensers | 7. Ice bucket | 8. Wine chiller

Cheese boards

I am not including the food, drinks, cups, and plates in this list – hopefully, you remembered to get all that – but here is what you need to serve all of that delicious selection.

One of the easiest ways to wow your party guests is with a well-designed cheese board or charcuterie board. They have been all the rage for the past few years and it doesn’t look like they’re going anywhere.

You can certainly use the wooden cutting board you have on hand or even a trendy version that has a mix of marble and wood. However, there are some pretty amazing options available these days. Some have drawers to store serving utensils and extra pieces that pull out to extend the surface.

Party hosting essentials cheese board

When I host a get-together, the first thing I reach for is my charcuterie board set. It has everything you need! Small utensils for serving, built-in slots for nuts or dried fruit, and bowls for preserves or dips.

A larger surface allows you to include more choices of goodies to dazzle your guests. After all, a charcuterie board can be a work of art! I love to decorate my kitchen island for special occasions and sometimes it’s as simple as a cheese board!

Party hosting essentials charcuterie board

Cheese boards come in all shapes and sizes, even special occasion designs! Using a variety of boards gives your display a unique look and even lets you explore a different recipe for each one.

Charcuterie knives and serving utensils

If you already have a board, these sets are for you! They include all the essential serving pieces. The knives are designed to be used for both cutting and spreading. The forks help your guests to pick up meats and cheeses while the little spoons are great for things like nuts or sauces. Tongs keep hands out of the ice bucket and help guests grab lemon wedges or their favorite fruits.

Party hosting essentials charcuterie cheese board

Having enough serving utensils is a must to prevent your guests from searching for something to use. One quality of a great host is making sure your guests feel comfortable and relaxed. This is a small but important way to do just that!

Party hosting essentials cheese knives, serving spoons

Tiered stands

Running out of counter or table space? No problem! Space-saving tiered stands can dress up your presentation and make everything look more organized. In addition to being visually pleasing, it provides easier access. Serve a different appetizer on each tier or layer it with sweets for when guests have had their fill.

tiered stand for party hosting

Most tiered stands have simple, beautiful designs. A black or gold-toned metal frame paired with white porcelain or marble dishes will never go out of style. They can be used for casual gatherings with friends, formal dinner parties, or anything in between! The stands are made to come apart for easy flat storage.

Utensil caddy

Utensil caddies are one of those party-hosting essentials you may not know you need until it’s too late. The house is clean, you are dressed in your party clothes, and you’ve carefully arranged the food and drinks for your guests. Now you need a way to organize and display the cutlery and napkins so guests know just where to find them.

woven utensils caddy for party hosting essentials

Having a utensil caddy on hand is the perfect solution! Keep knives, forks, and spoons separate for easy access. Putting napkins in a caddy prevents them from blowing away if you are entertaining guests outdoors on your patio.

Wine stoppers

If you end up with several open wine bottles at the end of the night, you don’t want them to go to waste. The best way to keep them fresh is to use airtight wine stoppers, one of the most overlooked party-hosting essentials. The original cork is not likely reusable and certainly won’t be as efficient. Extend the life of your wine with these easy-to-use stoppers. Pop them in and press the lever down. It’s that simple!

Party hosting essentials wine stoppers

Drink dispensers

Serving lemonade, iced tea, or punch at an outdoor summer party? How about a signature drink for game night with your best girlfriends? These drink dispensers have a metal base stand that makes pouring easy! Kids will love the independence of being able to serve themselves.

Elevated stands let you place dispensers away from the edge of the counter, preventing unwanted drips onto your cabinets and floors. You also reduce the risk of the dispensers being bumped by your excited little guests.

The clear glass lets guests easily see what beverages you are offering. You can add as many dispensers as you like, especially if you want to provide a variety of choices. Maybe have one for the kids and another for the adults only!

Ice bucket

Be sure to have plenty of ice readily available to your guests! Ice should be easily located so you can enjoy your party without being constantly asked where to find it. Insulated ice buckets protect your table from condensation and keep ice cold so it lasts for hours.

Use the drip tray in the bottom to keep anything that melts separately from the rest of the ice. Again, the tongs keep the ice clean and easy to grab.

party hosting essentials ice bucket

If you really want to be the talk of the town, add your very own nugget ice maker to the beverage station! These countertop machines make the “good ice” and have an app that lets you monitor ice status and even schedule a fresh batch!

Wine chiller

Keep your champagne, white, or other sparkling wine cold for the whole party. This beautiful marble wine chiller is a great way to do just that! Use it for almost any bottle and because of its small size, it is easy to move around if the party hot spot changes from the kitchen to the living room.

A wine chiller also serves to protect your countertops or table from the trickle of wine that inevitably pools around the bottle and can stain or etch the surface. Even though you don’t want your red wine chilled, you might want to use one of these, just to protect your countertops.

party hosting essentials marble wine chiller

These are all the party hosting essentials you need. Guests feel welcome and relaxed when everything is easy to find. Instead of running around, you spend more time having great conversations, sharing laughs, and making memories with your family and friends!

Lastly, all of these items make a perfect gift. Especially for weddings, housewarmings, or even a host or hostess gift.

Beyond the party hosting essentials

Now if you really want to impress your guests, here are some items to really wow them that take this selection beyond the basics:

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