Stylish Ways to Decorate with Flowers

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When you think of decorating, things like furniture, wall art, and throw pillows usually come to mind. One of the most overlooked ways to incorporate color and brighten your home is to decorate with flowers. Learn when and where to use fresh, dried, and faux flowers in your interior design.

white kitchen with fresh flower in the sink

Why use flowers in interior design?

We send floral arrangements to friends and family for all kinds of reasons – to celebrate a special occasion or to share condolences for a loss. Whatever the reason, flowers are known to elevate our mood and make us feel better.

Besides brightening spirits, floral arrangements can be used strategically to elevate the look of a home. They add a special touch that demonstrates thoughtful and detailed decorating skills.

decorate with flowers in a bathroom, poppies in a basket on vanity countertop

I’ve written extensively about home decor and design and one thing you’ll notice is how I decorate with flowers – in one form or another – throughout my home. I swap them out every season and love how they enhance my holiday decor. Below, you’ll see where and how I style them!

What kinds of flowers do you use for decorating?

Fresh flowers don’t last as long, but there is nothing like the scent of a beautiful bouquet. Especially in the spring if you have access to fragrant lilacs, gardenia, or lavender.

If you don’t have a garden full of flowers, head down to your local farmers market or grocery store to pick up some pretty stems. I do this if I am decorating for a special occasion or looking for something specific.

outdoor table sewing decorated with flowers, charcuterie board

Is it ok to use fake flowers? Absolutely! There are so many realistic-looking branches and stems available. Trust me, they are nothing like your grandma’s old silky dust collectors. Head over to my other post to learn what to look for when choosing faux flowers. Afloral is my top source for all faux flowers and greenery.

kitchen island decorated with faux flowers in a wicker vase

Another favorite of mine is dried or preserved flowers. I specifically planted white Incrediball hydrangeas so I can enjoy the beautiful full blooms, but also to cut them at the end of the season to make long-lasting statement arrangements when they dry.

home office with dried hydrangeas in a wicker urn and pedestal, windowpane drapes, woven shades, hardwood floors, area rug, leather office chair
black pottery barn vase used to decorate with flowers
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long basket with handle used to decorate with flowers
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artisan jug used to decorate with flowers
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wicker jar or vase used to decorate with flowers
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Where to display flowers in your home

You can decorate with flowers just about anywhere in your home! Some places are more suitable for tall arrangements and others require a small and delicate style.


One of my favorite places to make a statement is on my kitchen island. A large vase filled with long branches or stems creates an eye-catching display. Since an island is typically the focal point of a kitchen it is the perfect place to use seasonal flowers.

Tabletops and shelves

Floral arrangements make a stunning dining room centerpiece as well. I recommend using a shorter display so your family and friends have an unobstructed view for conversation.

dining room with dried flowers as a centerpiece, hydrangeas, round pedestal rustic table, linen dining chairs.

You can decorate with flowers on any table! A hallway console table, coffee or sofa table, desk, dresser, nightstand, or even on a shelf. Check out the images below to take a tour of my tabletop floral arrangements.

On the floor

Get creative and look around for floor space that could use a little something. Next to a bench or fireplace is a great place to tuck a nice floral arrangement or a bunch of branches. Use a large jug or demijohn and long stems for height to get the looks below.

light bulb graphic

Use vases, baskets, or urns to style flowers around your home. Find complementary colors and materials to design a beautiful arrangement!

Decorating with flowers outdoors

The hydrangeas are the only blooms I have planted. Otherwise, I use large planters to decorate my porch and patio with flowers and other plants. This way I can easily add colors for the season and maintain them with little effort.

If you have an uncovered porch or patio as I do, you’ll want to head over to my open porch decor or fall porch decorating posts for weather-resistant tips and ideas.

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