The Best Open Porch Decor Ideas For Each Season

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Open porch challenges

Outdoor spaces without a cover have unique challenges when it comes to decor. You see images of a meticulously decorated front porch on Pinterest. With confidence, you recreate the scene at your own front door. It looks amazing! Unfortunately, after the first bit of wind and rain, you realize the unprotected open porch decor you chose isn’t going to work. Just like many other aspects of my life, my outdoor decor motto is to keep it simple!

brick home with white front door with windows, open porch with bluestone surface, welcome mat, planters on either side of door with fern and a mix of flowers

House numbers | Outdoor lanterns | Welcome mat (similar)

A porch that doesn’t have a roof will be exposed to the elements day and night. Depending on where you live, this can mean scorching summers and frigid winters. On a side note…if you know of a place that is 72 degrees and sunny, and doesn’t experience hurricanes, tornados, or earthquakes let me know!

April showers bring May flowers

Here in Maryland, the start of springtime is signaled by daffodils, cherry blossoms, and a blanket of pollen. Mother Nature likes to take her sweet time getting up to tolerable temperatures, so at the first opportunity, my outdoor winter decor is packed up. The gloomy days of winter give way to a fresh new start so it’s time to give your front porch a glow-up. I like to add pretty hues that give life to my outdoor space and complement the hydrangeas that flank each side.

Spring showers wash away pollen, but planters without proper drainage can fill with water, trapping moisture at the root of your plants. You want them to last and drainage is the key to ensuring they don’t get overwatered.

Heat isn’t much of an issue during this time of year, but we do get some windy days. Solid quality decor items are a must to prevent everything from tipping over with every gust. Heavy-duty materials like concrete or ceramic will definitely do the trick. If you already have some but they tend to fall over, add small stones to the bottom of the pot. This will give you the extra weight you’re looking for AND promote drainage!

Tap each image to check out these solid options:

Can your open porch take the heat?

I prefer to spend stifling summer days in the comfort of air conditioning. That doesn’t mean I want my uncovered outdoor spaces to suffer. Flowers are visible through my front door and windows so I still get to enjoy my open porch decor.

close up of uncovered front porch with bluestone surface, welcome mat, planter with mix of red and yellow flowers and greenery, tall gray woven planter with fern

Let’s go back to the heat…and dreaded humidity. On bright sunny days, your outdoor flowers and decor will take a beating. If you have brightly colored planters or (so help me) lawn ornaments, they are probably going to fade and you won’t use them again the following year. I’m not trying to influence your style here, just trying to help you save a buck! Lighter colors can still fade but it won’t be as noticeable so you can use something year after year.

Remember how I suggested making sure your plants have good drainage? This is extra important in the summer months if you live in a humid climate. Moisture in the air can prevent excess water from evaporating which can cause mold can grow in your flower pots. Gross!

Fall for this front porch

Ah, fall porch decor season is one of the best! At this point, I’m tired of the heat and am looking forward to the routine of kids going back to school and cooler weather. I know I said to keep it simple, but I like to go big with fall decor for some reason…

fall and Halloween decorations in front of red brick home, small bats on front door, welcome mat with planters with mums, and assortment of light colored faux pumpkins

House numbers | Outdoor lanterns | Welcome mat (similar) | Tall planters | Faux cedar bush

I’ve been obsessed – like everyone else – with using piles of faux pumpkins in my fall decor. Instead of just the traditional orange color, I like an assortment of whites and pastel hues. Faux pumpkins, baskets full of mums, and a simple wreath are the perfect combination for small front porch decor.

My faux pumpkins have been used for a couple of fall seasons on my open porch. So far, they are showing no signs of wear despite being exposed to the elements. Surprisingly, they don’t roll around too much and it’s probably because they sit low, directly on the bluestone surface.


The only thing that makes me look forward to wintertime is decorating for the holidays. In this profession, interior holiday decor comes out in October. Once we get a little closer to December, I make the change from fall to winter porch decor.

snowy winter porch decor, artificial shrubs and trees on either side of front door in woven planters, red brick home with white front door and wreath

House numbers | Outdoor lanterns | Faux cedar bush | Wicker planters (similar) | Faux trees (similar)

One of my favorite front porch decorating ideas for the cold months is to use outdoor artificial trees and shrubs. There are so many realistic options available these days! I just toss the old (aka dead) mums out and drop faux shrubs right into the same baskets. No need to worry about maintenance as they are made with materials that can withstand cold and wet environments.

close up of front door with winter decor, artificial shrub, tree and wreath

My front door has windows so I hang the same wreath on the interior side of the door too!

Check out these outdoor artificial greenery options:

Tips for uncovered outdoor spaces

  • Check manufacturer suggestions for use. Something might be ok to use outdoors but in covered spaces only.
  • Use caution when you know big storms are heading your way. Place your decor in a garage or other location where it won’t get damaged, or worse, hurt someone else’s property.
  • Choose neutral colors when possible. Lighter colors won’t fade or absorb heat like darker colors.
  • You don’t have to go overboard. Having a few good porch decor items suitable for uncovered outdoor spaces is better than using many things that won’t last.
  • Placing decor close to the wall and choosing low planters may reduce the chances of it tipping over.

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