Christmas Storage Solutions You Need

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If you are like me, you have amassed quite the holiday decor collection. Instead of shoving everything into random boxes which make it impossible to find next year, consider these Christmas storage solutions to organize your decor and keep your sanity come next year. Your future self will thank you!

  1. Standing Christmas tree bag
  2. Gift wrap and bag organizer
  3. Christmas ornament storage
  4. Large Christmas ornament storage
  5. Christmas tree bag
  6. Christmas lights storage
  7. Gift wrap and accessories storage
  8. Christmas wreath bags

Christmas tree storage bags

Your Christmas tree shipping box may seem like the obvious choice for storage. Although this may have worked for a year or two, there are much better ways to store your tree. After all, an artificial Christmas tree can be an investment so you want to protect it for years to come.

Traditional tree bags provide just the solution.  They are made with durable materials, such as heavy-duty canvas or tarp-like plastic; your tree will be protected from dust, insects, and moisture. The large handles make it easy to carry around.

Christmas storage for ornaments

Vertical tree bags are another great option.  Just slide this bag over the top and cinch the drawstring at the bottom.  No need to dismantle your tree! Next year, simply uncover your tree and re-shape any branches out of place. These are a great alternative if you are limited on floor space in your storage area, but still need to protect your tree.

Ornament storage boxes

Ornament christmas storage

Storing your ornaments in durable boxes is the way to go!  The days of wrapping each one individually are in the past since the boxes have customizable inserts that have individual slots to protect each ornament. They come in different sizes and the larger box holds over 100 ornaments!

Christmas storage boxes

The clear window allows you to see what is in the box without having to remove the lid.  Pockets for smaller items, such as hooks or ribbons, let you keep everything together.  

Wreath and garland storage bags

Christmas storage bags for wreaths and garland

Tear-resistant storage bags are a must for wreaths and garland. These items come in different sizes and I can usually fit several wreaths in one bag! You can use different color bags to keep your items separate. Read all about my favorite holiday garland here.

garland storage bag

Velcro straps on the inside keep your wreaths and garland in place. This is helpful if your wreaths have lights or decorations on them. Otherwise, they may get damaged. After you fill them up, these bags can be stacked or hung since they also have sturdy straps.

Christmas lights storage

Do you hang a few strings of Christmas lights or go full-on Clark Griswold? Either way, you need these containers! Each bag has thick cardboard spool-like pieces to wrap your string around.

The strings remain untangled and the bulbs and your sanity stay intact. Just be sure everything is plugged in and the switch is indeed on!

Gift wrap and accessories storage

Gift wrap storage box

Wrapping paper and accessories can undoubtedly be tricky to store if you tend to collect pretty new ones year after year. Sturdy lightweight boxes have all the compartments you need to organize your stash.

The larger section has straps to contain your gift wrap rolls. Smaller compartments can be customized or removed, depending on your needs. There is a place for bows, ribbons, scissors, and tape, along with pockets for gift bags and cards.

Organize everything together or have separate boxes for different occasions. Keep a variety of cards in the pocket so you are prepared for any last-minute needs!

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