The Best Christmas Garland

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If you’re looking for a realistic artificial garland to decorate with for the holidays, look no more! The Afloral Real Touch Norfolk Pine Garland is the best Christmas garland on the market right now. It has been around for two years and I hope it continues to restock year after year. I have purchased many of these and will show you the different ways I have styled them throughout my home. I have also shared How to Hang Garland on the Mantel.

best Christmas garland from Floral

What makes this the best Christmas garland?

Artificial Christmas garlands used to be plasticky looking and very rough to the touch. Or they were made from that tinsel-type material. Either way, they weren’t fooling anyone into thinking they are even close to real. I had sworn off of ever buying an artificial garland and thought I would have to deal with wiping sap and sweeping needles for weeks each year – if you know, you know!

This garland, however, is made from a different material. It’s soft to the touch, almost rubbery. There is variation in the coloring of the needles, and the branches are bendable. This means you can position and shape your garland any way you would like it to hang.

The best Christmas garland for your mantel

You can use multiple strands of garland to layer over one another and achieve the fullness or length that you desire. I used three 5ft garlands in the photo below.

Norfolk real touch best Christmas garland

For an even fuller look, try adding five or more garlands as I did in the two displays below:

best Christmas garland for fireplace
best christmas garland on mantel, Samsung frame TV

On staircases

The Floral garland comes in two lengths – 15ft and 5ft. I used the 15ft garland to drape over this landing and sinched it in the middle.

best Christmas garland on staircase landing

Here I used three 5ft garlands and overlapped and staggered them on this short basement staircase.

best Christmas garland on basement staircase

Add ribbon and decorations to your staircase garland to complete the design.

Christmas garland staircase

On console table or mirror

The best Christmas garland by Floral makes for a great centerpiece displayed on a dining or console table. You can also drape it over a mirror as an added holiday accent. I used two 5ft strands on the table below and a single strand on the mirror.

console table with bells, brass reindeer
anthropologie mirror with afloral greenery, brass reindeer

Check out my Simple and Classic Christmas Dining Room post for more Christmas decor ideas. And for when the holidays are over and it’s time to put away all of the decor, read Christmas Storage Solutions You Need.

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