The Best Christmas Garland That Looks Real

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If you’re looking for a realistic garland to decorate with for the holidays, look no more! The Afloral Real Touch Norfolk Pine Garland is the best Christmas garland on the market. It has been around for a few years and continues to restock year after year. In this post, I’ll explain what makes it the best and show the different ways I have styled them throughout my home.

best Christmas garland from Afloral, Norfolk pine garland styled on fireplace mantel, frame TV with vintage art, iron taper candle holders

Should I buy real or fake garland?

There is nothing like the real thing. But if you decide to use fresh garland to decorate for the holidays, you should keep a few things in mind.

Fresh garland is only going to stay fresh for a couple of weeks. If you start decorating in early November, it’s likely that your garland won’t look so good by the time Christmas rolls around. To get the most out of your fresh garland you can style it in a cool place, soak it before you hang it, or pull it down periodically to give it a drink.

The holidays are a busy time so if none of these extra steps sound appealing, using artificial garland is the next best thing. Therefore, you might as well use the best faux garland you can!

What makes this the best Christmas garland?

Norfolk pine garland used to be plasticky looking and very rough to the touch. Or they were made from that tinsel-type material. Either way, you couldn’t fool anyone into thinking they are even close to real. I had sworn off of ever buying an artificial garland and thought I would have to deal with wiping sap and sweeping needles for weeks each year – if you know, you know!

fireplace mantel decorated with the best Christmas Garland that looks real, fairy lights, iron candle holders, assorted stockings and bells

This realistic garland, however, is made from a different material. It’s soft to the touch – almost rubbery. There is a subtle color variation of the needles and the branches are bendable. This means you can position and shape your garland any way you would like it to hang.

Where to style Christmas garland in your home

There are so many creative to decorate your home with Christmas greenery. You can use a few pieces for a minimalist look or go crazy and layer them all around your home. Here are a few ways I style my favorite realistic garland around my home:

Staircase railing

The Afloral Norfolk pine garland comes in two lengths – 5ft and 15ft. For the upstairs railing, I used a 15ft strand and sinched it in the middle. It was beautiful on its own, but tying some ribbon at each peak made it even better.

In the image below, I used three 5ft overlapping garlands and staggered them on this short basement staircase. The same ribbon technique was used, but this time in gold.

best Christmas garland on the basement staircase, Norfolk pine realistic garland tied with gold ribbon, small artificial tree in a basket styled with birch logs, wooden bench under photo gallery wall

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Console table

The console table in my entryway is a great place to decorate for the seasons. Christmas is the holiday I do a little extra for in this space but only because it’s the perfect spot for my hanging bells.

Fireplace mantel

There is nothing more storybook Christmas than garland draped on a fireplace mantel. As I mentioned above, one of the best features of the Norfolk pine garland is the flexibility of the branches. Lay them on the top of the mantel or drape some branches over the edge and it will look like a real pine branch.

Start with a couple and fill in where you want it to be fuller. I used multiple strands of the 5ft garland to achieve the final look below.

One of the reasons this is the best Christmas Garland to use for layering is the texture of the bendable branches. They don’t get tangled up and the rubbery surface helps to keep them in place.

Check out my complete guide to hanging garland on a mantel for all the details!


Drape this beautiful realistic garland over a mirror as an added holiday accent. For smaller mirrors, only a single strand is needed, but if you prefer, you can add more until you get it just right.

anthropologie gleaming primrose mirror with afloral greenery, Norfolk pine garland, brass reindeer, Anthropologie trinket dishes, coffee table books, wall molding in dining room, cane cabinet

If you have a floor mirror, take advantage of this opportunity to add Christmas greenery there too! I have the 7ft Gleaming Primrose mirror in my bedroom and it’s the perfect spot to add some holiday cheer.

More Norfolk pine greenery options

Not only does Afloral have the best Christmas Garland, but they also offer several other Norfolk pine options that deserve some attention too. All of which have the same realistic characteristics as the garland.

When I style my mantel, I supplement the garland with Norfolk pine branches. They allow me to fill in any thin spots or hide the point where the garland is attached to the surface. I also use them for centerpieces when I decorate my kitchen for Christmas.

Norfolk pine branches styled in a centerpiece and a kitchen island, a classic white kitchen with unlacquered brass hardware, rattan counter stools, marble countertops

Who doesn’t love little Christmas trees? These small artificial trees are easy to incorporate into your Christmas decor and don’t need to be decorated. They’re the perfect size to style next on top of a cabinet or the floor.

Finish off your holiday greenery with a Norfolk pine wreath. These can be used indoors – on a door or window – or in a covered outdoor space. Other places you can hang them are on mirrors, on the wall over a fireplace or bed, or on a photo gallery wall as seen below.

Afloral Norfolk pine wreath on wall with photo frames, black rushed cabinet with pottery barn black photo frames,

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Afloral stock photo with Norfolk pine branch

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