How to Hang Garland on the Mantel

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Sure, you can drape a single strand of garland across your mantel for a minimalist look. But if you want to take it up a notch, I’ll show you how to hang garland on the mantel like a pro in just a few simple steps.

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How many garlands do I need?

This depends on the look you are going for and how long your mantel is. I have used as few as 3 garlands but have also gone up to 5 garlands with 4 additional branches for a full luscious look. For reference, my mantel is 6.5ft long.

Even if you plan to use a single strand of fireplace garland, make sure it’s at least 3 feet longer than your mantel. This will ensure that you have enough to hang over the sides. Drape it evenly or add some drama with an asymmetric arrangement for a full and luscious look.

Everything you need to hang fireplace garland

  • Command hooks – they are easy to attach and remove without damage to the surface. Just make sure to follow the instructions for removal. I like using oversized ones with a wire hook because they’re heavy-duty and can hold this large heavy garland.
  • Garland – Go for a soft real-touch garland like this Norfolk pine garland from Afloral or Kirkland’s. Because it has malleable branches and long full needles – it’s very easy to adjust and position the way you want them to lay. It really is the best garland out there.
  • Green twist ties or ornament hooks to tie the garlands together.
  • Extra branches for extra fullness. Use branches that match the garland or use different ones for more texture and dimension.

Tap the images to get your supplies:

Afloral product image for real tough Norfolk pine
Afloral product image for real touch Norfolk pine branch

Hanging garland on the mantel

In this section, I’m going to share exactly how I created this gorgeous asymmetrical fireplace garland look. However, you can use the same method to attach and layer garlands for any style you like!

How to attach the garland to the mantel

For this particular look, the garland starts on the left side of my mantel and is draped over the right. However, if you prefer to drape your garland on the other side, just reverse the direction you work in.

You’ll need two command hooks to attach the first garland. The hooks should be attached to the top surface of the mantel where you want the garland to connect. To keep the hooks from being visible, I leave several inches on either side instead of connecting them on the very ends of the strand.

Add the second strand, but this time start off center to the right. From here, you continue to add strands of garland to get the desired look. This setup hangs to the floor on the right side and is bulkiest on the right corner. You may need to add command hooks for additional support. Be sure to follow the directions when attaching and removing command strips to prevent damage.

Secure the garland

This is where you’ll need the twist ties or ornament hooks to connect the strands of garland. I like to use the green ones because they blend into the branches and are not visible. Each piece of garland should be secured to the next. You can do this as you go or wait until you have all the strands in place.

Fluff the branches and look for gaps

Next, you’ll want to fluff, separate, and adjust the needles to get them to lay exactly the way you want them. Seeing that they are very easy to bend and move this should be a breeze. Remember, this is more of an art than a science so continue to play around and adjust until you like the result.

As much as you try to avoid it, there may be some spots that need If you have any bare spots, use matching branches to fill in these areas. These branches can also be used for centerpieces or styled in a beautiful vase. I like to keep several in my stash of Christmas decorations because they are so versatile.

Norfolk pine branches styled in vase and matching fireplace garland in background

Here is the progression of garland and branches I used for this look:

Decorate your Christmas mantel

Now that you have figured out how to hang garland on the mantel, it’s time to add more decor! It’s perfectly fine to let the garland stand alone, but here are a few ideas to consider:

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Find the mantel sources below:

These candle holders are a staple in my home. They are beautiful and go with any style of decor. Simply swap out the candles for the season or stick with a classic neutral.

Add some warmth to your fireplace mantel with some cozy stockings. This neutral set would look great in any home!

Bells are perfect decor for this holiday season. Hang them from your mantel, a doorknob, or the end of a staircase.

String lights give your Christmas mantel the finishing touch. The warm glow of these fairy lights will get everyone in the holiday spirit.

For tips on how to store all your Christmas garland and other decorations, check out my Christmas Storage Solutions post to see what I use.


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