How to Hang Garland on the Mantel

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Do you want to know how to hang garland on the mantel for Christmas to achieve this gorgeous looking display? Sure, you can just lay a single strand of garland across your mantle but if you wanted to take it up a notch, use my favorite Norfolk pine garland and drape it over the fireplace in an asymmetric way. These are the steps I used to achieve this full luscious look:

  1. Use command hooks – they are easy to attach and remove without damage to the surface. Just make sure to follow the instructions for removal. I like using these oversized ones with a wire hook because they’re heavy duty and can hold this large heavy garland
  2. Go for soft real touch garland like this Norfolk pine garland from Afloral or Kirkland’s. It has malleable branches and long full needles – very easy to adjust and positions the way you want them to lay.
  3. Let the garland drape from one hook to the other. Then just attach another strand by layering over the first one
  4. Secure the garlands together with green twist ties or ornament hooks. You can also find those in the holiday isle at target 
  5. The secret to getting the garland to look full is adding extra branches – you can use matching greenery like I did, or go for a different type and get a more textured and dimensional look.

How many garlands to use?

This really depends on the look you are going for. I have used as few as 3 garlands on my and have gone up to 5 garlands with 4 additional branches for a full luscious look. My mantel is 6.5ft long.

The steps to hang garland on the mantel

These are the steps I took to layer my garland on the mantel. I started out with a single strand and then kept adding more for length and fullness using twist ties to attach them together. Then separate matching branches filled in the bare spots to create this full look. Continue to fluff, separate, and adjust the needles to get them to lay exactly the way you want them. They are very easy to bend and move. This is more of an art than a science. You can continue to play around with it and adjust it until you like the result.

Decorate around the fireplace with your favorite stockings and holders, you can add lights to the garland or bells and ribbon. Here is what I used this year:

How to hang garland on the mantel for a full draping look

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