Cozy Winter Decorating After Christmas

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We decorate for fall and right after (or before!) Thanksgiving, it’s time for Christmas. The tree is decorated, garland is hung, and everything is red or green and covered in twinkling lights. I’m sharing some ideas for winter decorating after Christmas to help you transition your home after the holidays.

winter decor to use after Christmas, throw blanket, vase with winter greenery

Take down Christmas decor

Decorating for Christmas is an exciting time. All the lights and colors make your home feel magical and festive. I don’t know about you, but by the time Christmas rolls around I am ready to take it all down.

The first step to winter decorating after Christmas is to eliminate all the decor specific to the holiday – stockings, string lights, garland, candy canes, reindeer, and anything else that makes you think of Santa.

After dismantling the tree and packing all the ornaments, I take down the garland hanging on the mantel and the staircase banister. Head over to my post about storing all your Christmas decor if you want tips to keep it organized!

Decorating for winter, not Christmas

A few things are versatile enough to represent Christmas and winter in general. All you have to do is take a clue from nature!


The strands of garland come down, but you can keep the branches out for a while. Styling a few pine stems in a vase is one of my favorite ways to add a touch of winter to my home.

winter decorating after christmas, greenery, Norfolk pine stems styled in vase on kitchen island counter, honed marble countertops, classic white kitchen

I use faux flowers and greenery all year round. My collection of artisan vases is versatile enough that all I have to do is swap out the floral decor to make it appropriate for the season.

Nature’s winter accents

If you use pinecones in your holiday decor, you can certainly continue to use them to decorate for winter. Find a big beautiful bowl to display your arrangement which can be combined with greenery as well.

Berries are another accent you can use in your winter decor. Just a few branches and you’ll have the perfect winter look.

winter decorating after christmas with berry stems and candles

I love to use branches and stems during the winter months! TAP BELOW TO SHOP:

In my Christmas dining room post, you can see how I used faux pomegranates and pears to add color to the centerpiece. Faux artichokes are a year-round decor favorite, but you can easily swap them out for the seasons.

winter decorating after Christmas with faux artichokes

These are the most realistic artichokes I’ve seen. I think you’ll love them too!


Using candles in your decor is a classic choice for any season. Put away any red or Christmas-themed candles and replace them with something neutral.

Take advantage of the wide variety of tapered candles available and mix things up. Plain ones are great, but textured ones are more interesting to the eye. Popular picks have a twisted, hobnail, or fluted look.

Having a great set of candle holders is a MUST! These are my absolute favorite because they have a simple design and the tallest one is just over 19 inches!

winter decorating after Christmas with winter scented candles

If you like to use scented candles, choose ones that don’t smell like Christmas. Instead, opt for other scents like cedar, amber, or plum.

I prefer to use a candle warmer as opposed to lighting the candles. The light is on a timer, dimmable, and makes a great source of accent lighting in your home.

Cozy winter decor

More time is spent indoors this time of year and surrounding yourself with comforting materials makes the bitter temperatures tolerable.

During the cold winter months, nothing makes a home feel cozier than throw pillows and blankets made with soft materials.

One of our family favorites is a furry oversized throw blanket. It gets used daily and is my top recommendation for winter decorating after Christmas. You might need to get more than one!

Add some throw pillows with neutral textures and patterns and you’ll have the perfect combination for a cozy winter home. Fur, velvet, sherpa, or boucle are all great options.

Texture and storage

With all the extra blankets out this time of year, having a few large baskets around gives you a place to store them when not in use.

entry console table decorated with winter berry stems, basket with thro blanket, ideas for winter decorating after Christmas

The decor in this image reflects the season. TAP BELOW TO SHOP:

Neatly roll them up and tuck them inside or drape a corner over the edge for an effortless look. For convenience, place the baskets near the seating where the blankets will be used. You can style this combination anywhere around your home – like under a console table or next to a fireplace.

Looking for more ways to update your home for the new year?

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