How to Do Fall Decor that Impresses

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When it comes to fall decor, I like to go big or go home. It can be tricky to incorporate seasonal decorations that seamlessly fit with the style of your home but make a big impact. In this post, I am sharing my decorating tips for pumpkin spice season that are sure to wow and impress your visitors.

Large-scale fall decor

I saw this setup in a catalog and had to recreate it in my fireplace. Rather than sprinkling little items throughout my home, I created a big display scene in one area – like the big installations that department stores would do for the holidays.

fall decor, fireplace decor, pumpkins, Samsung frame tv

Assorted pumpkins | Aritsan vase | Pillar candles (flameless) | Tapered candle holders | Frame TV

I love the big impact of the multitude of pumpkins and oversized art. The faux pumpkins I used are affordable, lightweight, and last year after year. The oversized art above the fireplace is in fact digital art that I displayed on my Samsung Frame TV.

Fall foliage

I foraged these branches from the Japanese maple tree in my backyard. If you don’t have access to the real thing, read my post about using faux florals in your home to find the most realistic ones.

fall decor, fireplace decor, pumpkins, Samsung frame tv

Assorted pumpkins | Aritsan vase | Pillar candles (flameless) | Tapered candle holders | Frame TV

In the image above, I simply swapped out the digital artwork on the frame TV for something darker and more dramatic. Even though it looks like wall art, this is another way to introduce fall florals into your decor.

I layered neutral-colored pillar candles to give this fireplace display dimension. When lit, they have the most beautiful glow. Here I used regular candles, but this is a great place to use battery operated ones as well.

fireplace fall decor display with assorted white and pastel pumpkins, pillar candles, and vase with fall stems

Assorted pumpkins | Aritsan vase | Pillar candles (flameless)

Fall front porch

I also like to use the same large-scale pumpkin set up outside for a fall decor display by my front door. Instead of candles, I paired them with baskets of mums and a simple seasonal wreath. Despite being exposed to the elements without cover, these pumpkins have held up well on my front porch.

fall decor, front porch decor, pumpkins, fall wreath, brick home with bluestone porch

Assorted pumpkins | Woven planters | Fall Wreath (similar) | Front porch lights

Don’t you think the pastel pumpkins look stunning with the bluestone and brick? They are a great way to add some subtle fall colors without being limited to the traditional orange and black of Halloween.

Everyday fall decor

Not all of your fall stuff has to be decorative objects. One of the best ways to incorporate autumn into your home is by using functional items in beautiful fall colors. No need to paint walls or change furniture to do it! Simply swap out the less expensive items – like throw pillow and table linens – for fall colored options.

living room with fall pillows on camel velvet Marin West Elm sofa

Velvet sofa | Drapes | Woven decorative boxes

If you are reading this, I’m sure you are into decorating and already have a stash of pillows available. If not, here are a few of my top picks to give you ideas.

Cozy Fall Picks from Amazon – tap to shop:

You can also use the change of seasons as a reason to swap out your shelf decor. Add some fall themed artwork or natural elements that make you think of fall, like woven pumpkins.

styling shelves with fall decor, apple artwork, woven pumpkins, dried hydrangeas, woven storage boxes

Brass drawer pulls | Brass cabinet knobs

Shelf decor ideas – tap to shop:

When to decorate for fall

It’s not the official start of fall, but back-to-school signals many of us to start thinking about fall decor. Here in Maryland, it’s still hot so that makes it kind of strange when fall is usually associated with sweater weather. When it comes down to it, start decorating whenever you want to.

A few wreath ideas to get you started:

The standard in this area is to bring out the fall stuff in September then pop in some Hallpoween decor a few weeks later in October. Check out my post about decorating for Halloween so it’s easy to switch back to fall after trick or treat time. If you like to keep things simple, I also have a post about decorating with a neutral palette.

Fall decor to avoid

You’ve spent all this time designing a beautiful and timeless home – inside and out. Don’t ruin your stylish aesthetic with tacky decor! Unless you live on a farm, stay away from things like scarecrows and bales of hay. Instead, opt for simple but impactful decor that adds to your home’s aesthetic.

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  1. Hi, Stefan. Love your site!
    My question is about the King of Christmas artificial tree ratings. Is it really possible all their trees have 5-star ratings? Seems sketchy to me. Thank you.

    1. I don’t have any insight into this other than falsifying reviews is an FTC violation and I doubt a reputable company would engage in illegal practices. If you suspect foul play, maybe you can file a report with BBB or FTC.

  2. Hi Stefana,
    Now that I have a new front porch with descending steps, I would like to line them with faux pumpkins. I’ll only be able to buy a few each year due to my small decorating budget so it’s going to take some time to achieve the full lush look I dream of.
    My concern is the faux pumpkins I’ve seen are light-weight. It can get pretty windy where I live. I don’t want them blowing across the yard. Do you have any suggestions to keep them weighted down?

    1. Hi Mary! Yes they’re lightweight and will easily blow away in the wind. I’m lucky and don’t get much wind in the front of the house. I suppose you could secure them to the floor and each other with 3M removable sticky tape

    2. Also, I have seen these at the Goodwill and various thrift stores. When people move, they don’t want to take their seasonal items with them. Happy pumpkin hunting!

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