Elegant Black and White Halloween Decor

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Halloween is probably my favorite holiday. It’s fun and light-hearted with no pressure and no family obligations–other than decorating around the house and helping the kids pick out their costumes. I’ve always enjoyed decorating for Halloween although I never go overboard. Back in 2019, I kept it simple with black and white Halloween decor. Read on to see how you can create some spooky fun that doesn’t include orange.

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black and white Halloween decor, dining room with white walls, wood bead chandelier, mr bones skeleton sitting at dining table with  blackbirds, black and white pumpkins, black bat colony on wall

Skeleton | Bats | Blackbirds | Mice | White pumpkins | Black pumpkins | Beaded chandelier | Dining chairs (similar)

Black and white Halloween wall decor

The most significant impact came from the smallest objects – these 3D bats. They’re inexpensive and come in a sufficiently large quantity. I used them by the front door and the adjacent dining room where the walls are painted pure white. The contrast of the black bats and white walls really makes a statement! Each bat is self-adhesive so you can easily move them around to create the perfect colony.

white entryway with black front door, black and white halloween decor, bat colony on walls, Mr. bones skeleton sitting at dining room table

Skeleton | Bats | Blackbirds | Mice | Snakes

The bats are made from a thick plastic film that is bendable so you can make it look like they are in different stages of flight. This makes them look more realistic from afar. Since they are plastic, you can use them outdoors as well! The exterior of the front door is a popular place.

Another great black and white Halloween idea for your walls is these mouse decals. I use them on my stairway which is visible as soon as you enter my home. Like the bats, they stand out against the white paint and add a little fun creepiness.

If you like my hallway molding and want to learn how to DIY some details in your home, check out my tutorial for everything you need.

stairway with hardwood floors and white walls with molding, black mouse decals staggered on stair risers

Tap the image for these black and white Halloween wall decor items:


Of course, the guest of honor at any Halloween celebration is Mr. Bones, the life-sized skeleton. I got him a few years ago and he makes an appearance every Halloween. The kids love him and love to pose him throughout the house. He is a worthwhile purchase guaranteed to add fun for the whole family.

If you don’t want an entire adult skeleton sitting around, go for smaller parts instead. A single body part, like a skull, will add a similar effect without having to worry about storage for the rest of the year.

Halloween body parts:

Tabletop black and white Halloween decor

Another favorite black and white Halloween decoration is blackbirds. The birds are very natural looking with realistic feathers and beady little eyes. They come with a small twistable wire on their feet so they can either sit on a flat surface or be attached to a branch. In the images below, you can see I have Japanese maple branches from my backyard, but I also use bare branches as well.

blackbird sitting on wooden bowl with black and white pumpkins, halloween decor

Blackbirds | Mice | White pumpkins | Black pumpkins

To tie in with the rodent decals I used on the stairs, I added a few realistic-looking mice as well. These little rodents are easy to place around the house – looking for crumbs out in the open or peeking out from behind some books.

white dining room with white sideboard styled with vintage gold mirror, white ginger jars with Japanese maple branches, black bats on wall, blackbird and mice on console table

Bats | Blackbirds | Mice

Do you know what my biggest real-life fear is? Snakes! So naturally, I got three very realistic rubber snakes – to scare myself to death when I found them in unexpected places. I have told the kids not to move them but they can’t help themselves.

Skull | Snakes

Black and white pumpkins

When you think of pumpkins, what probably comes to mind are the traditional big orange ones. If you want to add color to your display, there are other ways to do it. Check out my post about impressive fall decor to see all the various colors I use other than orange to get a sophisticated look.

These small pumpkins are an easy way to add black and white Halloween decor and can be used throughout the fall as well. No need to box them up one trick or treating is over. Style all the same colors together or mix them up like I did in the image below.

white dining room with white walls and white sideboard and wooden dining table, chippendale chairs black and white Halloween decor includes black bats on walls, mice, blackbirds, and black and white pumpkins

White pumpkins | Black pumpkins

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