Fall Porch Decorating in 4 Easy Steps

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Are you looking for simple ways to give your home an autumn makeover? I am sharing simple fall porch decorating ideas to help you create a beautiful and welcoming entryway for your guests.

Keep fall porch decorating simple

Between keeping the kids occupied with activities and stifling temperatures, it’s time for a fresh start. If the thought of having to come up with an impressive fall porch seems too much to handle, don’t stress! You don’t need over-the-top decorations to create a stunning fall scene. Sometimes less is more!

exterior of home showing fall front porch decorating ideas with wreath, faux pumpkins, fall planters with mums, and doormat

Step 1 – Hang a fall wreath on your front door

Front door decor is something that can be seen by everyone long before they get to your home. Hanging a wreath on your front door is the first step in fall porch decorating that will create an impression of your style.

white front door with windows, fall grass wreath with orange ribbon, orange mums in rattan planter

I usually go for traditional or minimalist wreath styles that reflect the current season. If you want the rest of your porch decor to stand out, keep the wreath simple. All you need is a faux grass wreath and fall-colored ribbon to create the perfect look.

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To add a little color, try a wreath with assorted wildflowers. Even though they are fake, it looks like a bunch of freshly picked flowers.

Stefana Silber hanging a wildflower fall wreath on the window of her front door

Source: Wildflower wreath

Step 2 – Replace your welcome mat

Replacing your doormat is the next step when it comes to fall porch decorating. A simple “Welcome” mat will get your fall makeover started and is often something that is overlooked when it comes to styling your porch for the seasons.

bluestone porch with decorated for fall with welcome mat, faux pumpkins and mums in rattan planters

Sources: Pumpkins | Rattan planters | Welcome mat (similar)

If you have an open porch your welcome mat has been exposed to the elements. More than likely, it has started to fade from sitting out in the sun. Maybe your front door is the main entry point into your home and your doormat is showing wear and tear.

Either way, a doormat is an inexpensive update that makes a big impact on the overall look of your porch.

Step 3 – Freshen up outdoor planters

Be honest…are your summer flowers still showing any signs of life? I’m sure you had the best of intentions to keep things in bloom. But sometimes you forget to water them and the next thing you know, they are past the point of nursing them back to health.

If that’s the case, fall is the perfect time to complete step three of your fall porch decorating plan. Get rid of those dried-up plants and replace them with the flowers of fall – mums. Use a combination of colors for a dynamic display or stick with a single color for a more sophisticated look.

close up of fall porch decor, faux pumpkins, moms, and faux greenery in a rattan planter, welcome mat on bluestone porch

Sources: Pumpkins | Rattan planter | Welcome mat | Wildflower wreath

Doormats aren’t the only things that get left out in the elements for months on end. If your planters are getting a little weathered, now is a great time to update them as well.

To save money in the long run, invest in quality planters that are made to endure changing temperatures and moisture. Choosing a neutral style that works for every season will help you get the most out of your purchase.

These would be great to mix:

Fall is all about nature, right? To enhance your fall display, use natural materials or at least natural-looking planters. These are beautiful and easily transition from one season to the next.

Step 4 – Add faux pumpkins

You can’t do fall porch decorating without pumpkins. If you get real ones too soon, they may not last the entire season. Consider using faux pumpkins instead! I use them to create an impressive scene around my fireplace and on my front porch as well.

Stefana Silber styling assorted faux pumpkins on her bluestone front porch, navy sweater dress

Sources: Pumpkins | Rattan planter | Welcome mat | Wildflower wreath

Do they fade a little from being out in the sun? Sure, but not enough that they can’t be used for multiple seasons. Pastel and white pumpkins are the chic answer to traditional orange ones. Even if they fade a little, the lighter shades of green and orange still look great.

How you arrange them depends on the amount of space you have and the look you are going for. If you have limited space, just get a few pumpkins in assorted sizes to tuck around your planters. Or you can make larger piles on either side of your front door for a more dramatic look.

Stefana Silber styling assorted faux pumpkins on her bluestone front porch, cream sweater dress

Don’t overthink your placement. To make it look effortless, style the larger ones first then work in the smaller versions with some on their sides and others leaning. Using assorted colors, sizes, shapes, and positions will be the key to making it look unintentionally flawless.

Fall to Halloween front porch decorating

Once you have your porch all decorated for fall, giving it a Halloween twist is a breeze! Everything you have out there is associated with Halloween already so all you have to do is add something a little spooky.

One of my favorite – and inexpensive – Halloween decorations is bats. You can use them indoors or outdoors because they are made from flimsy plastic and aren’t affected by the weather.

Front porch with Halloween decor added to existing fall porch decor. colony of bats on front door, spiderwebs on shrubs

Your front door is the perfect place for a creepy colony of bats. The adhesive allows you to move them around until you get it just right! Tap the images below to get yours:

In addition to the bats, some Halloween spider webs and a spooky wreath will have you ready for trick-or-treat time!

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