Decorating with a Fall Color Palette

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Your home is a reflection of your personal style. From big design elements to the smallest details, it’s all about you. If you love the warm tones of Autumn, decorating with a fall color palette will be a breeze. In this post, I’m sharing the top ways to incorporate Earthy tones that create coziness in any space in your home.

What are fall colors?

Fall is a season of change. There is something refreshing about the transition from summer, not just the lack of humidity, but the chance for a fresh start. A new school year, a wardrobe refresh, and updates to your home decor.

Typical fall colors are yellow, orange, red, green, and brown which stem from the process leaves undergo this time of year. Any of the colors you’ll see in nature as you go about your day this time of year.

living room with fall color palette, wood coffee table with fall florals, coffee table books and wood beads in fall colors

A fall color palette doesn’t just include the vibrant shades of these colors. For home decor, I stick to muted tones to make it more appealing and easier to blend with other design elements in my home.

Why decorate with a fall color palette?

These nature-based colors are soothing and evoke feelings of calmness and peace. Paired with natural materials, fall colors make your home feel relaxed and inviting. In the image below, notice how the landscape wall art has a serene look and complements the other decor in this space.

room with fall color palette, vertical shiplap walls, landscape wall art,  cane cabinet styled with fall florals, assorted books and other fall decor

We all know that spending time in nature is good for our mental health, so why not bring it indoors? I don’t know about you, but I’d have trouble relaxing in a space with bright neon colors.

In a previous post about quiet luxury, I mentioned that neutral colors are the foundation of that particular style. If this concept is something you subscribe to, adding fall colors to your home will enhance the existing decor.

Where can you use fall colors in your home?

Just about anywhere! My one constant piece of design advice is to stick with classic and timeless choices when it comes to the big-ticket items for the home. It’s easier to change less expensive items when you want a different look and we all know this happens more frequently than it should – ha!

Bringing nature-inspired fall things into your home doesn’t mean you have to use pumpkins for a fall color scheme. Instead, use materials such as stone, wood, leather, or woven textiles.

nature-inspired home decor, ceramic lamp styled on side table with dried hydrangeas and sting of black wooden beads, walls painted black

Sources: Lamp | Side table

There are plenty of ways to add subtle fall colors and textiles to your home. Cooler weather means sweaters and flannel, so take some hints from your seasonal wardrobe and add similar things to your home decor. Here are a few examples of how I use a fall decor palette in my home.

Living room

My living room has layers of neutral colors. The walls are SW Agreeable Gray which looks subtle in this well-lit space. The seating is light colored while the tables have a light wood tone. The hand-knotted rug ties it all together.

neutral colored living room with accents in a fall color scheme, camel velvet sofa, greenery, gold and brown accents

The obvious way to add fall colors is with pillows and shelf decor. But as you can see in the image below, there are several examples throughout the room.

neutral light colored living room with builtin cabinets and walls painted SW Agreeable Gray, demonstrating how to add decor with a subtle fall color palette

Notice the warm gold of the sofa, picture lights above the shelves, and curtain rods. Various shades of brown are in the large artwork above the sofa, wood furniture, and woven accents on the shelves.

In my basement, the leather sofas command the space and look amazing with the black walls of the media room. They bring in the natural element that makes it easy to add items with a fall color scheme.

basment living space with walls painted black, deep leather sofas in ad rich cognac color, how to add natural textiles into your home

Basement sources: Sofas (similar) | Rug | Side table | Wall gallery

Dining Room

My dining room has lots of linen, wood, and black as the foundation. In this space, I brought in a mix of real and faux stems to create a fall color palette.

Every dining room needs a centerpiece. I love the look of artisan vases with seasonal stems and there is no better way to bring nature indoors than with branches from the backyard. I am fortunate to have access to plenty of trees, but using faux flowers is excellent too.


Despite having a classic white kitchen, it is far from a cold space. It feels inviting because of the accessories I have added. The gold in the brass light fixtures and unlacquered brass hardware add warmth. Similar to the dining room, I style my kitchen island with flowers or branches.

classic white kitchen with honed marble countertops, unlacquered brass cabinet hardware, fall accents throughout space, bowl with artichokes and still life apple artwork on counter, kitchen runner rug with fall colors, rustic red tones

I’ve swapped out the rug a few times, but I always seem to find ones that have some shade of orange or reddish tones.


As for bedrooms in my home, I use a few throw pillows on the beds that have a fall feel. These are easy to swap out and the perfect way to add layers. Placing a cozy knit blanket at the end of your bed is the final step in creating a fluffy bed. Read my nightstand styling post for decor ideas and helpful tips.

neutral bedroom with nuvelette cloud wallpaper, Anthropologie cane bed, cream colored nightstand with beige tapered ceramic lamp, neutral bedding with fall throw pillows

In my boy’s room, I styled the beds with green bedding and long leather pillows. Leather isn’t typically associated with warm summer months – can you feel your legs sticking to a leather seat? Not only is leather something that makes you think of fall, but the color is too. Bringing in rich brown tones – from cognac to lighter tones – enhances any design.

boys room with fall color palette, green bedding, leather lumbar pillow, leather and linen headboard, vertical shiplap walls, benches at the end of bed, rug with earthy tones of green, blue, and deep red

I mentioned flannel above and one of the most popular patterns used in this material is plaid. It’s such a classic! The plaid wallpaper I used in my son’s room is a prime example of how this pattern can get you the fall bedroom vibe you’re going for.

bedroom with neutral plaid wallpaper, gray-green upholstered bed with layers of neutral bedding and leather lumbar pillow, large ceramic lamp on nightstand, fall color scheme

Room sources: Bed | Lamp | Wallpaper | Knit blanket | Linen sheets

Home office

There are several nature-inspired fall colors in my office. The most obvious is the wall color – BM Storm Cloud Gray – a greenish-gray. Paired with the touches of brass and windowpane drapes, this space has some serious fall vibes.

home office with fall color palette, BM storm cloud gray walls, Stefana Silber x Two Pages windowpane drapes, woven roman shade, round pedestal table in center of room with striped linen chairs, rattan pedestal and urn with dried hydrangeas

Traditional fall decor

I’ve shared multiple ways to decorate with a fall color palette without using stereotypical fall decor. These tips are helpful if you want to use these colors throughout the year. But nothing beats the time of year when seasonal decorating begins! When that time comes I have some great tips on how to decorate with pumpkins!

fall decor in fireplace, assorted pastel pumpkins, candles, artisan vase with foraged fall branches, marble tile fireplace surround

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  1. I agree that your home is a reflection of your personal style! You should decorate it thoroughly with including every detail that is important for you. I would say that the fall color palette is an actual reflection of coziness, because this is the time when people love to sit at home with the fire aside the sofa, read books and drink warm drinks. It is so cool that you can use these colors almost everywhere in your house, and even add these colors to your wardrobe. I love adding leaves and some blankets and pillows and curtains. It makes my flat smaller and keeps me inside, making me slow down and reflect about the year and think about the upcoming one.

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