Easy Linen Closet Organization and Storage Ideas

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Linen closets tend to become an overstuffed mess. This space holds items used by the whole family – like bedsheets and towels. If things aren’t stored properly it’s inevitable they will topple over and let’s be honest, drive you crazy. This post is all about hallway linen closet organization and storage tips to help you maximize space and maintain order.

If you find yourself running out of space, now is the time to eliminate any unused items. Also, anything with holes or stains needs to go.

Keep extra bed linens smelling fresh and wrinkle-free with a linen closet organization system that gives them enough space to breathe. You shouldn’t need to apply pressure to fit things into your linen storage bins or bags.

Sheets are more susceptible to wrinkles than blankets or comforters so it’s essential to store them properly. Yes, you need to fold that fitted sheet!

How do you rotate sheets? Do you wash them and put them right back on your bed?

A simple linen storage bin system will work if you rotate the same two sets week to week, but if you have several extra sets, I recommend separating them by size and keeping sets together.

These are my favorite storage bins for linen closets. They have soft clear sides, a sturdy frame, and multiple access points. It’s easy to see what’s inside without having to pull them off the shelf!

Since my hallway linen closet door stays closed, I don’t put bulky comforters or blankets in a bag.

Stored on a lower shelf, they have space to breathe and maintain their shape. I can easily change them out for the seasons, or let’s face it, just because I like to change things up!

Bathroom linen storage tips

How you store your bathroom linens also depends on what you have. I love the look of bright white towels so I stick with light-colored linens that look great in my primary bathroom. With this method, you store similar sizes together.

On the other hand, if you like using towels to add color to your space, grouping your extra sets by color is a great way to make swapping them out easier.

I use the same storage bins for linen closet towel storage. Yes, they’re functional, but choosing something that looks good is equally important.

Here are a few other storage bins to make linen closet organization a breeze:

Maximize space in a small linen closet

Linen closet storage can be tricky in small spaces. There are a couple of things I use that save a ton of space just where I need it. Vacuum storage bags shrink blankets and pillows down to a fraction of their original size. I can’t believe how flat they get! Take advantage of the open space with under-shelf storage organizers and add more matching linen closet baskets and bins.

Stefana Silber demonstrating how space saving vacuum bags make pillow inserts very flat, easy linen closet organization tips for small closets

I recently added space-saving baskets under one of my linen closet shelves to store a few extra hand towels and washcloths. These baskets are perfect for smaller items or things you need to reach easily.

They are simple to slide in and the kids can grab what they need without having to pull out the whole stack and we all know what happens next…an avalanche.

Speaking of pillows, I like to change things up in my home pretty frequently, and swapping pillow covers is an easy way to do just that.

As a lover of interior design and fashion, I keep my pillow covers organized in my linen closet.

I found these neutral fabric storage bins that are perfect for my collection. I can just slide the storage bin out to see what I have. Use matching bins or boxes to give your linen closet a clean look.

You can also use bins to store your favorite travel essentials so you can be ready to hit the road when the time comes.

What should you store on the bottom of a hallway linen closet?

My hallway linen closet organization ideas can be used for seasonal items as well! No need to open up all the bins to find towels for your first trip to the pool for the summer. As I mentioned before, you’ll be able to see them through the clear plastic windows all year round.

The top shelf is a great place to store them out of the way. However, the space at the bottom can be just as helpful! Keep large linen closet baskets down there so you can rotate seasonal shoes and accessories with your bedroom closet.

Store those bulky winter boots for the warmer months and keep your heavy down comforter in great shape so you can get that fluffy bed look when the temperatures drop again.

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