11 Amazon Must Haves: Home Solutions You Need

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I’ve rounded up the top Amazon must-haves to make your life easier! These gadgets are the home solutions you didn’t even know you needed but will be glad you have them. Here are the top Amazon products we use daily and can’t live without!

#1 Outlet Concealer

This slim outlet cover lets you hide ugly cords when moving an outlet isn’t an option. It’s great for outlets behind furniture placed up against a wall – no more gaps. It comes in different cord lengths too!

outlet behind dresser with plugs and cords sticking out
Amazon must have home solution flat outlet cover that allows furniture to be placed flush against the wall

#2 Wedge Pillow

No more pillows falling down the crack between your headboard and mattress! Use this triangular pillow as a bolster for elevating your head at night. Flip it over for two different angles of elevation if needed. It has pockets!

Stefana Silber holding wedge pillow that prevents bed pillows from falling between headboard and mattress
Stefans Silber placing wedge pillow that fills the gap between the mattress and headboard

#3 Cordless Rechargeable Lamp

Small and portable, use this dimmable lamp anywhere in your home! I use one on my desk for a little extra light but I love how the vintage style looks beautiful anywhere in my home.

person touching cordless lamp base to turn it on and off

#4 Shower Fan with Bluetooth Speaker

Make singing in the shower a better experience with this waterproof speaker. A ventilation fan, light, and speaker in one, this Amazon gadget is the home solution you didn’t know you needed!

marble shower with exhaust fan with bluetooth speaker

#5 Pull-Out Cabinet Organizer

Another one of my favorite viral Amazon must-haves that makes your life easier. These handy little trays not only keep you from reaching to the back of the cabinet, they are easy to install! No tools are needed to add these organizers to a shelf.

#6 Retractable Charger with Battery Backup

With three feet of retractable lightning cable, this handy little gadget can be plugged into the wall without the unsightly cord out in the open. An Amazon home solution you can take with you on the go – it’s a portable charger too!

phone on countertop plugged into retractable charger installed under a cabinet
person pressing button to retract the cord on a phone charger with retractable cord

#7 Outlet with Nightlight

No more turning on bright lights to avoid stubbing your toes in the middle of the night. This easy-to-install outlet cover has a built-in nightlight that turns on automatically in the dark. The best part? It just snaps right in! We have a few around our upstairs and just wish we’d gotten them sooner.

person installing outlet cover with built in nightlight
Person demonstrating nightlight sensor on outlet

#8 Smart Outlet

These can be used for so many things! Turn lights on and off with voice commands or a button on your phone. Turn off your Christmas tree lights without getting up or use them to manipulate your lighting while out of town. So many uses!

#9 Appliance Cord Organizer

These little Amazon must-haves stick right to the back of your small kitchen appliances! Wind the cord around then push the end of the cord into the little clip to keep it in place. No more unsightly cords on your countertops or tangled mess.

coffee pot cord wrapped onto an appliance cord organizer stuck to the back

#10 Stone Drying Mat

Non-slip and quick-drying features make this mat usable in many different places in your home. From dish drying in your kitchen to keeping your floors clean at the front door. This is one handy Amazon must-have to have! I can’t believe how fast it dries!

Amazon must have drying mat used to dry dishes or as a bath mat
Amazon must have drying mat used to dry dishes or as a bath mat

#11 Customizable Drawer Organizers

I’ve written about these trimmable drawer organizers many times and love to share them whenever I can. Yes, there are expandable ones, but nothing makes your kitchen seem more throughout than custom options. Worth every penny in my opinion!

silverware drawer with trimmable drawer insert

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