Bathroom Vanity Storage And Organization Ideas You Need

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Bathroom vanity storage was a must-have for me when designing our primary bathroom. Most vanities come with under-sink cabinets but having drawers to store and organize all the small makeup and toiletry items is a game changer. That’s not to say I didn’t also take advantage of every single inch of space under the sinks and even in the hidden mirrored medicine cabinets.

clutter free bathroom vanity, marble countertops, mirrors with hidden medicine cabinet

Vanity (custom painted SW Accessible Beige) | Cabinet hardware | Faucet | Medicine cabinet | Sconce | Vanity tray | Marble backsplash tile | Soap dispenser

Bathroom vanity storage for drawers

Think about your morning and evening routines and all the products used at both ends of the day. Do you have a minimalist daily regimen like me or do you want an arsenal of beauty supplies at your disposal? No matter your method, organizing your vanity drawers is a must!

bathroom vanity drawer open with bamboo dividers and organized beauty products

Bamboo drawer organizers | Cabinet hardware | Marble floor tile

Everyday life keeps us all so busy. The morning rush to get out the door can be stressful if your bathroom is cluttered. Drawer organizers are an easy and inexpensive way to save your sanity. Separate your makeup and applicators from your collection of facial serums and moisturizers. Put cotton pads and q-tips in easy-to-reach compartments. Make selecting nail polish colors a breeze with visibility. Finally, organize your hair accessories. You’ll know where to find those elastics and hair ties you never seem to have when you need them. Even those scrunchies that keep making their way back into our lives!

open bathroom vanity drawer with bamboo organizers

Vanity (custom painted SW Accessible Beige) | Drawer hardware | Faucet | Marble backsplash tile | Wicker basket | Cabinet door latch

Before you do anything, you’ll need to measure your drawers in all dimensions. Most modular systems provide an assortment of bin sizes that will work for you. However, selecting individual bins makes bathroom vanity storage fully customizable if you know what you plan to store ahead of time.

The most popular materials available for drawer organizers are clear plastic and bamboo. Both are durable and easy to clean. Just wipe with a damp cloth to remove dust or debris from your products.

Vanity organizers below the sink

Adding tiered organizers with drawers to the space below your sink is a great way to maximize bathroom vanity storage for this hard-to-reach area. Instead of bending down to root around, knocking things over in the process, simply pull the drawer out to easily grab when you need.

The most common items stored below the sink are cleaning products. Just like having lotions and potions for different parts of our bodies, our bathrooms require specific products for different areas. For example, you shouldn’t care for marble bathroom floors with the same product as your toilet. Stash all of your cleaning items together along with extra sponges, wipes, and items you don’t need every day. If you have an electric scrubber, store it here with all the attachments.

full view of below vanity sink tiered organizers with cleaning supplies

Tiered below sink organizer

The cabinet below the sink is also a great place to store excess hair products and tools in an organizer like this. Keep your hair dryer, straightener, and curling tool neatly tucked away. If you own all these tools, you likely have a collection of specialized hair products to go along with them; heat protectants, serums, and sprays (oh, my!). Compartments keep them upright preventing drips or spills. Store your favorite travel essentials together here too so you’ll be ready for any adventure!

Hidden mirrored vanity storage

During the planning stages of the renovation, I wanted to avoid the dated look of a medicine cabinet but needed the convenience of having certain things at my fingertips. This vanity mirror was the answer to adding storage without compromising the look of the other design elements. It has a medicine cabinet recessed into the wall so the mirror remains flush. I also had the contractor add outlets inside to keep those out of sight too! Now my electric toothbrush is kept off the countertop and helps to minimize clutter.

Vanity (custom painted SW Accessible Beige) | Cabinet hardware | Faucet | Medicine cabinet | Double sconce | Single sconce | Vanity tray | Marble backsplash tile | Soap dispenser | Towel ring

Free-standing bathroom cabinet storage

Every home needs extra linens and a convenient place to store them. If floor space is limited and your home didn’t come with a linen closet, a free-standing cabinet is a great alternative. Place it in your bathroom, hallway, or adjacent bedroom for quick access. Available in many colors and sizes, finding the perfect piece to fit your space and design style should be easy. I love the look of natural materials in my home. The wooden cabinet I chose reflects my style and provides the extra storage space I need. Bonus, glass doors and adjustable shelves provide an opportunity to display pretty things! I love to fill glass canisters with things like soaps and sea sponges for that spa look. Use this vintage decorative box to store first aid items

full view of tall bathroom storage cabinet with extra linens and bathroom supplies

Storage cabinet | First aid box | Glass jars

We finished our basement not long ago and I designed and DIY’d a recessed storage cabinet for the bathroom. It has open shelving for me to display items for my guests and drawers to store extra linens. Read my shelf styling post for tips that you can apply to any room!

Vanity | Vanity hardware | Cabinet drawer hardware | First aid box | Soap dispenser | Sconce | White marble floor tile | Gray marble floor tile

Storage cabinets aren’t just for linens. Solid doors allow you to store almost anything out of sight. Add baskets or bins to keep extra bathroom paper products on hand. Use upper shelves to keep things out of reach for little ones in your home. Things like cleaning solutions or, in reality, sweets you need to consume without their knowledge.

Countertop bathroom organization

Despite efforts to maximize bathroom vanity storage and have a place for everything, some items need to remain on the countertop. Obviously, hand soap is one of those things. One way to elevate the look of this ordinary product is to use refillable dispensers with customizable labels. For a guest bathroom, fill dispensers with your favorite scented hand soap and lotion!

clutter free bathroom vanity countertop with soap dispenser and perfumes on decorative mirrored tray

Vanity (custom painted SW Accessible Beige) | Cabinet hardware | Medicine cabinet | Vanity tray | Marble backsplash tile | Soap dispenser

To take it a step further, use a decorative tray to display your dispensers next to a single sink, or place it between sinks and add your favorite perfume or candle. Trays and other small accessories are an easy and inexpensive way to make seasonal changes to your bathroom. If you put a full-size Christmas tree in your bathroom we can’t be friends, but a little holiday greenery will add the perfect touch!

close up of mirrored decorative tray on vanity with perfumes and jewelry

If you found these organizational tips to be helpful, check out my posts about organizing kitchen drawers and storing your Christmas decor!

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