Anthro Gleaming Primrose Mirror – Is it Worth the Hype?

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The famous Anthro Gleaming Primrose mirror

Anthropologie’s famous Gleaming Primrose mirror is a social media celebrity. The iconic and vintage-inspired details are loved by interior designers all around the world and I can see why…it’s stunning! Read on to find out if it’s worth the hype and why you are seeing it – or a lookalike – everywhere!

Gleaming Primrose mirror styled over a black sideboard with woven doors, artwork, candles, plants, wall molding, sconces

Mirror (3ft) | Tray | Sconce | Table | Chair | Grecian bust pot | Textured pot | Candle holders | Sideboard

What is the cost of the Gleaming Primrose mirror?

Scrolling Instagram, images of the Anthropologie Gleaming Primrose mirror catch your eye. At first, maybe you don’t even realize exactly why you are drawn to it. You just know you want it to be yours and head on over to Anthropologie and start your search.

It’s easy to find because it is one of their most famous home decor pieces. The exquisite images show all the ways you can style it in your home and you’re convinced you need it. There is only one problem…the price tag!

Okay, yes, it’s expensive. But, it’s a work of art and an investment piece; something that will last a lifetime and never go out of style. Cherish it and pass it down as a family heirloom…it’s that good!

Seven foot gleaming primrose mirror propped against a wall in bedroom

Mirror 7ft | Bed | Bedside lamp | Blanket | Quilt | Wallpaper | Rug

Here’s the deal … just like everything else, the price has been creeping up. If you are considering adding a Gleaming Primrose mirror to your interior design I wouldn’t sleep on it too long. Currently, the collection pieces range between $54 and $1598. Time your purchase around the holidays and you’ll be sure to catch it on sale.

If you are trying to stay within a certain budget, be sure to consider shipping costs for the larger sizes which are heavy and require extra care during the shipping process.

Quality – you get what you pay for

The construction and quality of materials used to create these pieces are phenomenal. It is really hard to find something that is worth the amount of money retailers are asking, but Anthropologie has really done a superb job with these. Gleaming Primrose mirrors are available in five different finishes.

The most popular is gold, but most pieces in the collection are available in different sizes, shapes, and finishes. The greenish patina of the verdigris finish is so unique! All the intricate details are handcrafted with resin, iron, engineered hardwood, and mirrored glass. To keep the details dust-free, just wipe clean with a dry cloth.

You’ve seen images of my gold mirrors, but check out these images from the Anthropologie website that show the filigree detail in the other four finishes. Notice all the curves and color variations that give each finish a distinct look – such exquisite details including elegant adornments!

Versatility – it goes with every design style

You don’t have to live in a designer apartment on the Upper East Side to work this stunner into your decor. You can hang it on the wall over a sleek modern console table or use it as a vanity mirror in your modern farmhouse bathroom. Perfect for petite nooks and grand entryways alike!

It brings a bit of traditional Old-World glamour that balances out other completely different decor styles. Use it over a fireplace in your casual living room or to reflect light in your dark and moody basement.

Images from the Anthropologie website showing different ways to style it:

If you’re a renter and can’t make structural changes to your small space, a leaning Anthropologie mirror creates an expansive feel. Not only does it make your home feel bigger, but it’s also a statement piece that your guests are sure to notice and admire.

If you don’t have a staircase banister, Anthropologie Gleaming Primrose mirrors are the perfect place to drape some garland during the holidays. The pairing of the gold finish with some Norfolk pine is perfection! It pairs perfectly with decor, like interior design coffee table books.

Can you hang the primrose mirror?

According to Anthropologie, mirrors 5 ft and over should not be hung. They are intended to be leaning floor mirrors and come with wall anti-tip hardware for security. Recommendations for leaning the larger primrose mirrors include ensuring they are even and there is at least 3.5″ to 5″ between the wall and the base of the mirror.

Do I have buyer’s remorse?

To be honest, yes…but let me explain. As soon as the 3ft mirror arrived, I was filled with regret. I was completely in love with it but had one nagging thought. I wished that I had purchased the largest size this thing comes in!

Don’t get me wrong, I’m glad I have the 3ft mirror. I have used it in a few places around my home and it looks amazing no matter where it lands. But I knew at that moment that the 7 ft version would also be mine! I also regret not purchasing sooner due to rising costs. I had been eyeing it for a long time and since I waited, the price had increased a bit.

The entire Gleaming Primrose collection is gorgeous! Besides the larger mirrors you are used to seeing by now, this style also comes in other dazzling designs. Here are some of the images from the Anthropologie website. Tap on each one for more details:

I can speak from personal experience and tell you that the trays are absolutely lovely. The small tray sits on my bathroom countertop and holds a perfume bottle and other pretty things. The gold finish ties in beautifully with the brass cabinet hardware and black vanity mirrors.

You can also use it to style your shelves! The larger tray is used to serve cocktails during parties and more! The way it looks with my marble countertops is just brilliant!

Alternatives for the Anthro Gleaming Primrose mirror

If you are not part of the population that was mesmerized by the images of this mirror online, you’ve surely seen something that resembles it in stores. It is so popular that many retailers are getting in on the action by creating similar. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, right? Even though many of them fall short in comparison to design and quality, there are a few good alternatives out there.

We’ve already discussed that the Gleaming Primrose mirror is an investment and if it’s not in your budget just yet, there are some impressive options that will give you a similar look. Kirkland’s has a popular lookalike. The scrolls are a bit chunkier and it has more of an orangey brass tone. You’ll find the same orange tone or even a yellow-gold color on most of the less expensive options.

From all the searching I’ve done, Amazon seems to have the best option so far. The stock images can’t be trusted to judge color so check out the images posted by reviewers. The price is right and if you are leaning toward an alternative…I’m going to recommend this one!

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