Affordable Basement Bathroom Ideas – Design on a Budget

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Basement bathroom designs

When we moved into our home I wanted to start renovations in the main areas right away. The first big project was the kitchen. After that was completed, I moved on to some DIY projects like adding built-in shelves and wall molding. Once the main level was updated, it was time to tackle the unfinished basement. This space was mainly going to be a hang-out for teenagers and occasionally for guests. I wanted it to look high-end but needed to stay within the budget, especially for the bathroom. I’m sharing the design elements I chose, where I saved or splurged, and other tips to help you stretch your basement bathroom renovation budget!

bathroom vanity with brass hardware and sconces, black mirror and faucet

Vanity | Brass Hardware | Faucet | Mirror | Sconces | Towel ring + toilet paper holder | Refillable bottle | Toilet

Vanity – custom vs. retail

Custom vanities can be expensive. If you have a large budget, choosing the cabinetry and top separately will ensure you get exactly what you want. To save, I went with a prefabricated vanity from Hope Depot. It came fully assembled and included a beautiful marble top and backsplash. I often get asked about the quality and am happy to report that it has held up great and still looks as good as the day it was installed.

Once it arrived, I could see the factory color was perfect for the basement bathroom design. If you’ve found the perfect retail vanity style but the color doesn’t work, paint it! That’s what I did with my primary bathroom vanity and I couldn’t be happier!

basement bathroom vanity with brass hardware and sconces, black mirror and faucet, marble floors

Vanity | Brass pulls | Sconces | Refillable bottle | Toilet | Brass knobs | Glass jar

To give my vanity a custom look, I swapped out the factory brushed nickel hardware for brass bin pulls. For the DIY built-in linen cabinet, I added the same round brass knobs I use in other rooms in my home. Read this article to see how I chose different styles of brass cabinet hardware all around my home!

Above the vanity is a simple black-framed mirror. It resembles the hidden medicine cabinet in my primary bathroom, but it’s just a mirror. I love how the rounded corners balance out the straight lines of the vanity and tie in the finish of the plumbing fixtures.

Fixtures – mix and match

The antique brass sconces on either side of the mirror have a vintage vibe that complements the modern elements in my basement bathroom design. I love how they tie in with the brass pulls on the vanity. When the lights are turned on, the milk glass shades give off a beautiful glow.

I chose a matte black finish for both the vanity faucet and shower fixtures. The little pops of black contrast with the white surfaces and give the space a modern edge. Mixing metals is a great way to give any space a designer look.

bathroom vanity with brass hardware and sconces, black mirror and faucet, wall art

Vanity | Brass Hardware | Faucet | Mirror | Sconces | Refillable bottle | Toilet

Did you know Amazon is a great source for lighting and plumbing fixtures? If you haven’t explored all the home decor Amazon has to offer, check out my storefront for some amazing ideas!

Shower – tips for small spaces

When designing a small basement bathroom, try to choose things that will help give the illusion of a larger space. To create a bright and spacious feel, I chose a single frameless glass panel for the shower. It has a fresh and modern look and I know what you’re thinking…no, you don’t get cold in there!

White subway tile shower with hexagon marble floor, single glass panel, no door, black fixtures

Shower fixtures | White subway tile | Hexagon marble tile | Refillable bottles | Glass panel

The white subway tiles on the walls are a timeless way to brighten up any space. They are less expensive than the marble tile designs I usually go for so I was able to save a bit here. I did add a little inset niche in the wall; it’s the perfect place to display these pretty refillable bottles!

bathroom shower with white subway tile, black plumbing fixtures, marble floors and inset wall niche

Shower fixtures | White subway tile | Hexagon marble tile | Refillable bottles

Floors – can you guess what I chose?

If you didn’t know that I love to use marble wherever I can, do you even know me? Hi, I’m Stefana and I love marble! I have honed marble countertops in my kitchen and my primary bathroom and the adjoining closet is what marble dreams are made of. Yes, marble is a splurge item, but since this basement bathroom is such a small space, using marble wasn’t going to be detrimental to the budget. When planning your basement bathroom on a budget you can use one high-end item to elevate the whole design!

marble floors, gray and white alternating tiles

Vanity | Brass Hardware | Toilet | White Carrara marble tile | Gray Bardiglio marble tile

I used two-inch honed hexagon marble tiles on the floor of the shower. The small pattern adds just the right amount of contrast to the white subway tile on the walls and is perfect for the small area. To create a little drama, I alternated 12 x 12 white Carrera marble and gray Bardiglio marble tiles. The flowing veins in the larger tiles are just stunning! Learn how to care for your marble floors here.

close up of bathroom marble floor and shower floor

White Carrara marble tile | Gray Bardiglio marble tile | Hexagon marble tile | White subway tile

Read my post about bathroom flooring ideas for tile material and design inspiration!

Challenges in a basement bathroom design

Adding a bathroom to an unfinished basement requires particular consideration because you are working below grade, meaning below ground level. If you are lucky enough to have a rough-in for the necessary plumbing in the desired location, then this won’t be an issue. My home didn’t have a rough-in so my contractor had to dig into the foundation to create a trough for the plumbing pipes. He also had to add a pump to make sure what needs to get to the septic system can get there. These additional steps certainly increase costs which vary with the scope of your project and your geographical location.

In summary, determine how much construction will take out of your budget, decide on the splurge item, then fill in the rest of your design with budget-friendly items. You’ll be amazed by the beautiful basement bathroom you can create!

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