The Best Amazon Home Decor Items Under $100

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Amazon home decor items on a budget

Like most of you who are interested in home design and interior decorating, I have a few favorite sources when it comes to finding the perfect decor pieces for my home. You can find anything online but I was shocked when I first discovered all the affordable Amazon home decor items available!

Amazon has been one of my top sources for a few years, but in case you’re late to the party, I’m sharing all my top picks so you can decorate your home without breaking the bank.

Candles and accessories

Skip the mall and go for accessories that serve a purpose besides adding fragrance to your home. I recently discovered these pretty La Jolie Muse candles on Amazon. They smell heavenly, but the real reason I love them is because they look so beautiful!

The vintage beaded detail and rich color of the glass caught my eye so I was quick to add one to my collection. Pair it with a warmer for a long-lasting scent.

close up of amazon home decor items including candle and acrylic book holder styled on console table

Candle | Book | Book holder | Console table

On a related note, these black candle holders are some of my favorite Amazon finds. I’ve had them for a few years now and still love them. They are tall and slim, and add a touch of contrast to my mantel. I leave them up all year because they go with everything but they stand out during the Christmas season.

Iron taper candle holders | Picture light | Brass pulls | Brass knobs

Decorative boxes and baskets

Wicker decorative storage boxes are a popular pick for a reason. The classic woven design lends itself to all styles from coastal to modern and everything in between. Rattan is one of my favorites! These will always have a place at the top of the list of my favorite Amazon home decor items.

wicker decorative storage boxes styled on white built-in cabinets, one of Stefana Silber's favorite Amazon home decor items

The rectangular ones are a little pricier, but the square set falls just under $100.

As I mentioned in my shelf styling tips post, adding smaller home decor pieces with larger items helps to create a more interesting scene. The acacia wood container with a unique lid complements the other items like books or metal storage boxes.

amazon home decor items styled on wood open shelves, black walls, acacia wood small boxes with unique lids, coffee table books leaning next to brass metal decorative boxes

Wooden box with lid | Metal boxes

Speaking of metal boxes…the brass finish on this set adds warmth and vintage charm to any space. I love how they contrast with the black walls in this room and take up vertical space on the shelves. You can style them together or separately and they come in a square set as well.

This charming set of wicker baskets is another favorite of mine. They add contrast to light-colored spaces and the lids mean they are a great place for storing small items.

white kitchen with marble counters and white subway tile, set of two wicker baskets wit lids styled on counter with other decor

Baskets with lids

One can never have enough storage and this set of decorative luggage is adorable! The look of linen and leather is always a great combination. They don’t take up much space and are another great hiding place for any odds and ends you don’t want to lie around.

scalloped side table styled as nightstand in girl's room with Serena and lily wallpaper, sconce, decorative luggage style boxes o bottom shelf of tables

Decorative luggage | Sconce | Scalloped side table

Coffee table books

Not long ago, I shared all the great ways to decorate with coffee table books. These are always one of my top decor recommendations because they serve a purpose besides just looking pretty. An amazing source of inspiration for every topic you can think of.

Stack them on a coffee table or lean them against some of your other decor items. Amazon is a great source for books of any kind and the perfect place to shop for home decor to give as gifts.

close up of Amazon home decor items such as coffee table book open and displayed on acrylic book holder

Console table

Want to display some of the beautiful artwork or photographs in one of your books? An acrylic book holder is the best way to do it. It holds your books open and since it’s clear, your book will still be the star of the show.

Marble dishes and trays

Modeled after the Lulu and Georgia rice stone Flora centerpiece, variations of this style have been popping up more and more and I can see why! Sometimes described as scalloped or ruffled, this unique marble bowl will be sure to add some flair to an otherwise dull display.

close up of scalloped marble bowl styled on top of coffee table book, dried hydrangeas in vase

I have the 9″ version, but it comes in several other sizes and price points – the small ones are great for nightstand decorating!

Nothing ties together small decor pieces like a decorative tray. I have a few woven ones, but I think the Gleaming Primrose tray and the ones made from marble are a bit more refined. For those spaces that need a touch of sophistication or a solid surface, marble is the way to go.

amazon home decor items styled on white nightstand with lamp, picture frame, marble tray, small scalloped marble dish, candle wick snuffer, candle, Chanel perfume

Marble tray | Candle | Small marble dish | Candle wick snuffer | Lamp | Nightstand

I use one in my kitchen to keep my refillable soap dispensers in place.

close up of marble tray holding brown refillable soap dispensers with scrubbing brushes on marble kitchen counter next to sink

Rectangular marble tray | Refillable dispensers | Scrub brushes

Faux greenery

Amazon truly has everything you need to decorate your home – including greenery. Not everyone has a green thumb or lives in a home with lots of natural, filtered light that real plants need to thrive. I think manufacturers have finally figured out the key to making faux plants look real and I am here for it!

No need to spend a fortune to add natural-looking touches to your home. Things like artificial stems and branches are a great way to bring the outdoors in without the mess of dead leaves or bugs to worry about.

entry with white walls and black door, rounded and fluted small console table with vase on bottom shelf, set of wicker jars on surface with faux greenery styled  white mirror above console

Console table | Wicker jars | Mirror | Faux Greenery | Vase

My entry hallway doesn’t get as much light, so using faux plants is the way to go. Just make sure you have enough to make your arrangement look full without overdoing it. Sometimes less is more! Read my Stylish Ways to Decorate with Flowers post for floral inspiration.

McGee and Co. console table with reeded detail, vase with faux stems styled o right side of table with wicker lamp on the opposite corner.

Faux Greenery | Console table | Book holder | Baskets

Artificial trees are perfect for adding decor to the corner of a blank wall. You don’t get the benefits of having cleaner air like you would with real plants, but bringing faux natural elements into space still helps to create a calm and peaceful environment.

Check out these popular realistic faux artichokes!

kitchen countertop vignette with faux artichokes in wooden bowl, brass mills

Faux artichokes | Wooden bowl (similar) | Brass mills | Brass pull | Brass knob


This is one of those unexpected things on my list of top Amazon home decor items under $100. The perfect size and reasonable cost will give you a high-end look for less.

Equestrian sculptures aren’t just for those with a love for horses but are perfect for spaces that need balance and a touch of masculinity. This painted sculpture stands out in this space for a couple of reasons. First of all, it is white and the walls are black. The other way it stands out is in its finish – the distressed paint contrasts the otherwise modern feel of the room.

three open shelves against black walls, top shelf has white horse statue

White horse sculpture

Nothing gives off old-world style like a bust. Sure, there are a lot of really beautiful modern pieces that add elegance and style to your decor, but this classic style is stunning. I have this female bust and styled it in my living room and entryway. Honestly, it would look amazing anywhere! She goes in and out of stock so keep an eye out for her!

close up of female bust on metal stand, Anthropologie Gleaming Primrose mirror

Bust | Mirror

Choose versatile Amazon home decor items

To keep things fresh, I recommend having home decor that can be used in a variety of spaces. This way, if you want to change things up it will be easy to find another great spot for them. Versatile pieces transition well from room to room – saving you money in the long run.

Even though some of these recommendations may be close to or just over the $100 mark, remember that prices change all the time and many items often have coupons or discounts available. So, if you have something you love that is just out of your budget, add them to your Amazon Wishlist to keep an eye on them.

Amazon Splurges

I get asked about them all the time so I can’t talk about Amazon without mentioning that it’s my favorite source for drapes. The quality materials and customizable options are by far the best available on the market. I loved them so much that I worked with the manufacturer to come up with my designs! Find them here or search for Stefana Silber x Two Pages to see all the beautiful patterns!

Stefana Silber, pinch pleat linen drapes

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